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Sooner or later, replacing your air conditioner can become more economical than maintaining your existing unit for several reasons. As air conditioners age, wear-and-tear gets the best of them, and they may eventually require maintenance and repairs on a regular basis. Regular maintenance costs can add up quickly — until one day they’re equal to the cost of a brand new unit. And as they age, air conditioners become more susceptible to breakdowns — which can leave homeowners and business owners in a sweat. But without a doubt, the biggest advantage of a new air conditioner is its high-performance and energy-efficient technology. Advances in AC technology are happening fast, and households and businesses equipped with the latest cooling systems and features enjoy vastly-improved cooling capabilities at a lower energy cost.

Meanwhile, older units tend to be energy hogs — especially if they’ve seen better days. ServiceOne is here to provide AC replacement Omaha, focusing on personalized service that helps you weigh the advantages of a new AC unit against the costs. Through a professional inspection of your existing cooling system, you’ll have a better understanding of the condition, quality, and expenses of running your air conditioner and the options available to you. We’ll also give you alternatives to consider, including AC Maintenance and AC Repairs, in case your current budget goals call for your current unit's optimized lifespan while operating at maximum energy efficiency. We can also help you design and install a customized cooling system for your home, property, or business that operates at peak performance regardless of property size or your environmental requirements. Our customer-first approach has proven time and again that a modern cooling system always has its advantages, and investment in AC replacement and AC installation may actually be paying for itself.

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Looking for the Best Air Conditioners Available? Look No Further than ServiceOne

ServiceOne is Omaha’s leading supplier of top-of-the-line air conditioning systems from world-class manufacturers — achieving revolutionary energy efficiency, cost savings, and temperature control. Our partnership with premier HVAC manufacturer Daikin brings the state-of-the-art Daikin FIT System to Omaha homes and businesses, where it delivers incredible, cost-effective benefits of up to 30% savings on energy consumption. The Daikin FIT is a complete heating and cooling solution that utilizes variable-speed inverter technology coupled with smart temperature controls to prevent hot spots and cold spots while regulating temperatures to a fraction of a degree at maximum energy efficiency. At only 56dB, it is nearly twice as quiet as a conventional HVAC system and is virtually unnoticeable even while running at full power. With a compact design, the Daikin FIT System is much smaller than traditional HVAC systems. It can fit your home or business with plenty of room to spare — while being fully compatible with a wide variety of property types and HVAC system configurations without the need for remodeling or extensive ductwork. Contact us for more information on the Daikin FIT System and how ServiceOne can help you save money on air conditioning while enjoying a comfortable environment today and every day.

It may be time for a new air conditioner if:

  • AC is more than 15 years old
  • AC needs frequent maintenance
  • AC has had several breakdowns
  • Increased energy bills year-over-year
  • AC smells
  • Your home or property has heat spots even with AC running
  • AC is not cooling effectively even after maintenance or repairs
  • Your AC is running on R-22 refrigerant, which is expensive and bad for the environment
  • A new AC is more cost-effective than the maintenance and energy costs of your current AC as recommended by an expert ServiceOne technician for any of the reasons above.

Why Choose ServiceOne for Air Conditioner Replacement Omaha?

ServiceOne has been a trusted heating and air Omaha advisor for over 30 years. We continue to deliver top industry standards and tailored solutions to homeowners and business owners from one season to the next. Our HVAC Omaha specialists are essential to installing and maintaining the latest advances in cooling technology while keeping older systems operating at peak performance and maximum energy efficiency. Our AC Financing allows clients to make affordable payments on top-quality AC models from Daikin, Goodman, and American Standard. At the same time, our Heating and Cooling Protection Plans and Home Warranty Plans extend our services to every appliance in your home or business.

We only staff qualified in-house technicians who are licensed, bonded, and insured to perform HVAC repair, maintenance, and replacement to exact customer specifications. As a BBB Accredited Business rated A+, we have been selected as the 2020 Sarpy County People’s Choice Award Winner for Heating and Air Conditioning — and look forward to many more long-lasting relationships with loyal customers all across the community.

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