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The workhorse of any busy kitchen, a dishwasher turns the once labor-intensive task of dishwashing into an automated breeze. And the modern dishwasher is no slouch — with its high-tech designs, cutting-edge energy efficiency, and powerful cleaning systems doing miracle work with the push of a button. But like any appliance, dishwashers are susceptible to wear-and-tear, and will eventually require inspection, maintenance, repairs, or even replacement.

Fortunately, ServiceOne can solve your dishwasher repair needs 365 days a year. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years and have worked with almost every type of dishwasher brand and model and performed maintenance and repairs on every possible issue. There’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to dishwashers — and everything we do is designed to save you money.

Voted Best of Omaha Appliance Repair 7 years running, ServiceOne’s fully-trained, EPA-certified, bonded and insured in-house appliance technicians are absolute experts when it comes to diagnosing dishwasher problems and delivering cost-effective and long-term solutions.

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Call ServiceOne appliance repair Omaha anytime your dishwasher starts acting up and we’ll be right there to diagnose or repair your unit with certified replacement parts designed to make it run like new. Avail of our Home Warranty or Service Agreement and save even more money by getting monthly and annual coverage on all of your home appliances inclusive of your dishwasher and any repair needs. It’s just one of the reasons why ServiceOne is your premier choice for dishwasher repair in Omaha.

Why Choose ServiceOne for Dishwasher Repairs Omaha?

Modern dishwashers are expensive, but keeping yours running like new doesn’t have to be. With ServiceOne’s Home Warranty and Service Agreements, your dishwasher is in great hands all year round. Whether for diagnostics and maintenance or to resolve a troublesome issue, you can rest assured that our expert appliance technicians will take care of your needs while saving you money on repairs and replacement costs. At only $21.95 a month, our Repair Plans are perfect for new and aging dishwashers alike, while our Home Warranty is still Omaha’s favorite appliance service deal at only $595 a year with repair and replacement coverage on all of your heating & cooling, plumbing, major appliance and electrical service needs.

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Common Dishwasher Problems

At ServiceOne, we’ve seen it all. There’s no dishwasher problem we can’t handle and our certified manufacturer replacement parts and labor guarantee will give you peace of mind.

Some of the most common dishwasher problems include:

Dishwasher Water Problems

  • Water pooling inside dishwasher
  • Dishwasher is running but no water
  • Dishwasher drainage issues
  • Leaking dishwasher
  • Dishwasher rusting inside, around door, or on exterior
  • Dishwasher water pump issues
  • Dishes are dirty or scummy after wash cycle

Dishwasher Sound Problems

  • Dishwasher is loud
  • Dishwasher making strange noises

Dishwasher Heating Problems

  • Dishes are not drying after wash cycle
  • Dishes are not hot after wash cycle

Dishwasher Mechanical and Electrical Problems

  • Dishwasher won’t start
  • Dishwasher cycles ending early
  • Dishwasher door stuck
  • Broken racks inside dishwasher

Factory Authorization and Warranty Dishwasher Repairs Omaha

ServiceOne is your all-in-one solution for factory authorized and warranty dishwasher services on all dishwasher makes and models.

Some of our covered dishwasher brands include:

  • Bosch
  • KitchenAid
  • GE
  • Samsung (Must have a contract)
  • LG (Must have a contract)