Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection Omaha

A water leak is a minor inconvenience at best — and can result in costly damage and safety hazards at worst. Knowing where to find a leak isn’t always as obvious as a dripping faucet, and leaks are often out of sight and out of mind. Fortunately, water leak detection technology can quickly identify and alert you to leaks in walls, floors, and underground pipes with accuracy while removing the guesswork of tracking down the leak and having to tear up your house or grounds. Not only can water leak detection help you prevent expensive water damage, but it can save you money on your water bill and any associated repair costs by catching the problem early and before it gets worse.  

ServiceOne provides Water Detection Technology installation and replacement to keep your home or business structure dry, secure, and protected from water damage. A leaking pipe can cause extensive damage to your home or building walls, floors, and foundation when gone unnoticed. It can also result in flooding and damage to your carpets and belongings, as well as the growth of hazardous mold.

Water Leak Detection systems come in various products and designs, from standalone sensors to smart home water security systems that can turn off your water supply automatically and remotely. With ServiceOne, you’ll get access to a range of quality water detection products along with a neighborly assessment of your needs and any maintenance, installation, and replacement performed to the highest industry standards. 

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Water Detection and ServiceOne’s Home Warranty Plan — a Win-Win for Omaha Residents and Business Owners 

By installing a state-of-the-art Water Leak Detection system in your home or business, you can take full advantage of our popular Home Warranty Plan—which includes repair and replacement parts and coverage on major appliances, HVAC, electrical services and plumbing for only $565/yr (+tax)—and save on repair and replacement costs of water heaters, relief valves, primary sump pumps, gas pipes, shut-off valves, clogged drains, water pipes and more right on the spot. And with our Plumbing Service Agreement, you can enjoy discounted monthly rates on coverage for repair and labor costs whenever a leak is detected, or anything needs fixing even without a Home Warranty Plan. There’s a reason that so many Omaha homeowners and businesses rely on ServiceOne to handle all of their service needs, where everything we do helps keep your energy, utility, and repair costs down to a minimum — and you get the most from the day.

Water Detection System Features

When you partner with ServiceOne to install or replace a water detection system in your home or business, you’ll get a personalized evaluation for the most optimal and cost-effective solution possible. We work with world-class Water Leak Detection manufacturers such as Flo by Moen to ensure that our clients are equipped with the highest-quality parts and technology to protect their homes and businesses from water damage.

Water Leak Detection system features may include:

  • Smart Home Water Security
  • Smart Water Shutoff
  • Pipe Leak Detection
  • External Leak Detection (moisture detection outside of pipes, including overflows, weather, and appliance or system failures)
  • Smart Water Detection App for Mobile or Desktop Devices
  • Standalone Water Sensors
  • Whole-Home or Building Water Detection Systems
  • Slab Leak Detection
  • Foundation Leak Detection
  • Yard Leak Detection

Common Signs of Undetected Water Leaks

  • Increased Water Bill
  • Wet Flooring or Carpet
  • Mold or Mildew Odor 
  • Damp Drywall 
  • Sound of Running Water Behind Walls or Under Floors Without Flushing or Turning on Faucets
  • Wet, Cracked or Discolored Foundation
  • Soggy Soil Even in Dry Weather

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