Troubleshooting Dryer Issues

When we’re at the pool more and the kids are out of school, we’re going through towels like crazy! Our washer and dryer is going nonstop trying to make sure everything stays clean and dry. But what happens when your dryer stops working correctly? What can you try to fix yourself and when should you give us, your dryer repair Omaha and Dubuque professionals, a call?

Troubleshooting Dryer Issues

Why Does My Dryer Take So Long To Finish A Cycle?

Of course, the very first thing we’re going to ask about and check is the lint trap. This is basically the appliance repair equivalent of the IT Department’s stand-by question, “Have you tried turning it off and back on again?” If you’re religious about emptying that lint trap and making sure to clean out your dryer and not overload it, then we proceed to more complicated troubleshooting.

Unfortunately, most of the other reasons a dryer isn’t drying quickly need to be diagnosed by a professional, but can include the blower wheel not being attached firmly, a defective coil, a torn felt drum seal, or a worn-out door seal.

Why Won’t My Dryer Turn?

This problem can happen for a number of reasons and should probably be checked by a professional. If you have a worn out belt, a malfunctioning idler pulley, a defective drive motor, or a door switch that’s worn out, these could all be causing the dryer drum not to turn.

Why Won’t My Dryer Turn On?

This one is either a simple or complex issue that needs to be fixed!

First, check your control settings to make sure all of the buttons are pressed firmly down for the settings you want. Also, it pays to check that the start button was either pressed in or turned enough to activate the dryer’s power. Next, check that power is getting to your dryer from your circuit breaker or fuse box. Just because the lights work in your laundry room doesn’t mean that power is getting to your dryer. Chances are, your dryer is on a separate fuse or breaker because of the capacity needed for this major appliance.

Finally, check that power is getting to your dryer. If your cords are frayed, they need to be replaced. This happens often with older appliances.

Another item to check would be the door switch on your dryer. There can often be a buildup of lint or other debris collected around the door gasket or switch. This buildup can prevent proper closing.

If none of these simple fixes work, it’s time to call in the professionals.

If none of these troubleshooting tips helped with the issue you’re having with your dryer or if you’re having a different issue altogether, please feel free to contact your dryer repair Omaha or Dubuque professionals and we’ll get you fixed right up!


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