The Best Tips For Longer Appliance Life

An appliance can last up to 15 years depending on the brand and the type  it is. If you want your appliances to last as long as possible it is important to maintain needed maintenance at least once a year. This ensures that they will last their full lifespan; however, issues can come up during this time.

Here are a few tips for longer appliance life for your refrigerator, washer and dryer, and dishwasher.


  • It is common to get hair and dust inside the coils of the refrigerator. This causes the compressor to burn out and your refrigerator to die. Each fridge is different and a coil is located on the bottom or the back of the fridge. Once you locate the coil just take your vacuum and clean it out.
  • If the seals around the fridge are cracked or worn out they could be letting air out. You can buy new seals if need be.
  • Your refrigerator should be at 37 degrees for the ideal temperature. If it is any higher it can cause bacteria to grow, and your food to grow bacteria faster as well. For this problem, turn the temperature down, and if this doesn’t work call us.

Washer & Dryer:

When it comes to installation, this is the first step to making your washer and dryer last longer. If these appliances are installed incorrectly it will cause the lifespan to be shorter and speed up problems.

  • If you have a front load washer make sure to periodically clean it. You can add a cleaning solution you can buy from the grocery store.
  • A simple solution is to wash full loads at a time. When smaller loads are washed it can cause the washer to become off-balanced.
  • If your washer requires you to use HE Detergent this is for a reason. Read the instruction manual when you first purchase the washer.
  • If you use dryer sheets, you can clean the sensor in the dryer with rubbing alcohol. The dryer sheets can cause a build up, and this can cause the dryer to not be sensing the heat correctly. This could be why your dryer keeps shutting off and not drying your clothes.
  • Always clean your lint trap! The National Fire Protection Association stated from 2010-2014 that 15, 970 fires were caused by dryers.
  • The next step is to clean your dryer exhaust vent. This should be cleaned once a year. This also depends on how much laundry you do in your home.

Each washer and dryer is different from the size and brand. This means each needs their own needs and maintenance.


  • Examine the sprayers. These are located at the bottom or top of the dishwasher. This is where food and undissolved soap can get trapped. This causes water to not be evenly dispersed and causes long-term issues.
  • A tip to shorten the cycle is to run the water in your kitchen sink first. This will causes the pipes and water to heat up faster, and this means it takes less time for your dishwasher to warm up.
  • Something most overlook are the filters in the washer. They can get food and other scrapes trapped inside. This is when you should call an expert to come and check.

You spend a great deal of money on these appliances this is why maintenance is so important. Are you having issues with your appliances in your home?
We can offer help with troubleshooting and answering your concerns today for you!

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