Home plumbing maintenance checklist - Weekly Tips

The bathroom and kitchen are one of most important rooms in the house that you hope never go out of order. Especially around the holiday season when your house is full of constant guests visiting. It is recommended that homeowners should check their plumbing pipes once a week to ensure their home’s plumbing is running smoothly by spotting problems early.

Checking your home’s plumbing weekly is recommended before things get messy. This is a great step to prevent small problems from becoming BIG, costly problems. If the problem does get too serious we have an Omaha plumber who can lend you a helping hand. Let us share some simple tips you can do weekly yourself between your routinely professional check up.

Weekly tips to maintain your home’s plumbing:

Checking your faucets.

To keep your shiny faucets from rusting and eventually leading to a huge pipe problem, check each of your home’s faucets. By turning on your faucets, you can see if there is any water leaking out of any handles or valves. Leakage from handles or valves is usually a sign you have a pipe problem.

Clean your lint traps inside your washing machine.

You probably already clean your lint trap for your dryer religiously but do you also do it for your washer? Cleaning the lint traps of your washer prevents the lint from clogging your pipes. If you have a newer washer, you might not be able remove and clean your lint tray. Do a self-cleaning run so it can flush the lint.

Checking for leaks.

Did you notice there is a constant leak coming from your toilet or sink? Ignoring it will only create a bigger issue. Continually checking for moisture under you sinks or on the side of toilet can prevent a larger issue. If the leak does not seem to stop, it might time to give one of our Omaha plumber a call.

Checking your drainage.

Test all sink and shower drains for speed and/or drainage. All drains in your home should exhibit a full swirl while the water goes down. If you see bubbles, it is usually a sign of a slow drain. Then, it is time you should contact a professional.

Check your water heater.

Your home’s water heater is one of the most important aspects that you need to ensure to keep your home’s water system is running smoothly. Not to mention it is one of the most expensive to repair. Making sure your water heater is set to 125 degrees can ensure the performance and longevity of your home’s water heater.

Maintaining your home’s plumbing system can save you headaches and money just in the long run. If you need an extra hand, give us a call so we can send an Omaha plumber or Dubuque plumber to assist.

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