Can you switch from a gas stove to electric?

There are various reasons why you might want to replace your gas stove with an electric unit. You may prefer its appearance, safety advantages, easy to use or low-maintenance design. Electric appliances also cost considerably less than gas ones. This switch involves several important steps, so you'll probably need help from a residential electrician. 

Gas line

It's not necessary to completely remove the natural gas line. However, a professional should cap the pipe in addition to closing its valve. This step is crucial to prevent kitchen damage and safety hazards; the line must be completely sealed to ensure that gas won't leak.

New outlet

Your gas stove connects to a standard 110-volt receptacle. On the other hand, an electric model draws far more power and it typically needs a 220-volt outlet. Electrical contractors must install high-capacity wiring when they replace 110V receptacles with 220V units, so this process isn't as simple as swapping one type of outlet for another.


Unlike gas-powered appliances, electric models need high-amperage dedicated circuits, so the switch may necessitate an electrical panel upgrade. Amperage requirements vary depending on the specific appliance model and size. If a stove has a cooktop and oven, it will probably demand 40 or 50 amps of power.

Energy source

If applicable, you might have to upgrade your home's electricity source. You would need a more powerful generator to energize a kitchen with electric appliances. If you can't afford this upgrade, you could use 220V equipment during blackouts. Additional photovoltaic panels may be necessary if your home benefits from solar power.


The last step involves attaching the electrical wire to your new stove and the outlet. Manufacturers usually don't connect these cords to high-voltage appliances Omaha, but a local electrician or appliance technician can quickly perform this task for you. The wire is frequently sold as a separate product.

As a homeowner who is transitioning from a gas stove to an electric, it’s important that you know how to protect your electrical wall outlets! Without proper protection they can be harmful to everyone living in your home. Be aware of any water exposure! You can ask for a weatherproof box for protection for any outdoor outlets. 

After you switch to an electric stove, you might get ideas for a new coffee maker or microwave. An upgrade is great, but keep in mind that these appliances create a lot of steam, make sure you don’t have any equipment below or near an outlet!

Are you unsure which appliances need a repair? It’s common that these need to be replaced as you use them everyday. If your refrigerator is leaking or your food spoils quickly this could be a sign that you need an upgrade! Or is it your freezer? Does it make unusual noises and have a bunch of built up frost? Those are a few signs that it’s no longer working. It’s not normal that your microwave has interchanging heat, it’s time for an upgrade! If you have any other questions about your appliances Omaha be sure to seek an expert for advice! 

Although it involves several steps, the switch from a gas to an electric stove is possible and offers significant benefits. Please contact us to get started. Our staff will expedite this project while ensuring safety and protecting your home. When you need to install or repair appliances, Omaha homeowners can always rely on ServiceOne.


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