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Update: Signs your appliances need repaired: Kitchen

In our  home, we use appliances almost everyday for a variety of different reasons and needs. Whether it is to wash clothes, dishes or keep our food cold, appliances help us save time and effort. 

In last week’s blog, we discussed what signs to look for to know if your laundry room appliances needs repair. This week, we will be doing the same for your kitchen appliances Omaha! Here are some things to watch out for to help you maintain the efficiency of your kitchen appliances. 




If you’re finding puddles of water in your kitchen or by your refrigerator, it often means that there are clogged pipes or hoses. If you also mean there’s an issue with your water supply valve. If this problem occurs, you will want to contact a professional to come look at it.

Food is spoiling prematurely

If your food is spoiling prematurely, it usually means your fridge interior is not getting as cold as it needs to be. And if your fridge is too warm, it usually means there is an issue with your thermostat. If your thermostat is set at the correct temperature and it is still warm, it more than likely will need to be repaired.

Hot air/unit

If your fridge is blowing out noticicaly warmer air than it usually does, or if it is hot to the touch, you should call a professional immediately. This could mean there is an issue with the motor or the evaporator coils. 



Strange Noises

If your freezer is making unusual sounds like clicking, gurgling, or sizzling, it could mean your evaporating fan motor needs to be replaced. 

Frost Buildup

If your freezer starts to look like a winter wonderland, there could be many reasons why. Maybe you didn’t shut your freezer all the way, or your freezer temperature is set too low. It could also indicate there’s a problem with your defrost cycle, which you may need to replace your defrost heater. 

Temperature is too warm

If your freezer isn’t getting cold enough, there more than likely is an electrical issue and  you will want to call an appliances Omaha professional right away!



Water isn’t pumping in/out

If water isn’t pumping into your dishwasher, there is no way for your dishes to be cleaned. There are a number of reasons for this, including a blocked or broken sensor, or a water pump malfunction. 

On the flip side, if water is pumping in but not pumping out, that’s an issue as well. This can be caused by a broken drain pump or a clogged drain. 

In both situations, you will want to contact a professional to come look at it right away. 

Dishes aren’t getting cleaned

If your dishes are coming out dirty, this could mean there is a problem with your drain. Your drain can clog from leftover food particles not pumped out from the last load. This can also mean your dishes are getting cleaned with dirty water. 



Inconsistent heat

All microwaves heat differently, however, if you notice that your microwave is becoming inconsistent when cooking meals, this  is more than likely an electrical issue. 

Unusual Noises

It seems pretty common across all of your appliances, but if your microwave is making unusual sounds, there’s probably something wrong. The turntable could possibly be off a little, however, if that’s not the case, you should contact a professional before it gets worse.. 

Sparks or smoke

If you see sparks or smoke while you’re operating your microwave, something definitely isn’t right. Unplug your unit until a professional can come and take a look



Makes weird noises

Again, if you hear your oven making unusual sounds such as ticking, whirling, buzzing or scratching, there could be a loose faulty part to blame. You should contact a professional to get it fixed because it could potentially become a fire hazard. 

Food is burnt/cold when you take it out

If your food is consistently coming out burnt, it  may be a thermostat issue or a loose part that needs to be fixed. 

On the flip side, if your food is coming out cold or raw, it  could be the same issue. 

Unusual Odors

If you’re smelling some different odor coming from your oven while in use, that is definitely a red flag. This could mean there’s a warped wire or even a gas leak, which should be looked at by a professional ASAP. 

Whatever appliance problem you have, ServiceOne is here to help. We are experts on all brands of appliances Omaha. Contact us today with any questions! 

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