Benefits Of Home Automation In The Winter Months

Did I lock the front door? Is the temperature okay for our pets? Did the delivery get dropped off on our front porch? Did I leave the lights on in the kitchen? We’ve all had these nagging thoughts as we go through our day about what got left undone or what’s happening at home when we’re not there. Home automation solutions can help ease that stress for busy families.

Home automation is a great application to use on your smartphone for busy families (or the forgetful person!). Home automation is like having a remote control for your entire house on your smartphone. It allows for a number of different services, such as:

  • Locking your doors
  • Changing your temperature in the house
  • Checking in on the security cameras inside your house and around your property
  • Control over lighting and appliances

Why Is It Beneficial To Install Home Automation For Midwestern Winters?

Home Automation Allows For Parents To Check In On Their Kids & Pets

Working parents can keep an eye on children and pets during the Thanksgiving and Christmas break time when they’re home from school. It can be worrisome even with someone watching over the children to know what is going on at home. This allows for you to frequently check up on the kids and pets to make sure they are doing okay and not getting into trouble.

Home Automation Can Save You Money On Your Utilities

Heating bills can get enormous in the frigid temperatures of winter. It is common for people to forget to turn down the heat before everyone leaves in the morning. With one click of a button (or more accurately, a swipe on the screen) on the mobile application, you’ll be able to turn the heat up and down from your smartphone.

Not to mention… This also helps it you’re really comfy on the couch and do not want to get up!

Furthermore, this allows for you to adjust the temperature when you’re on family vacations or away for family holidays. This allows for convenience as well. It is hard to know your neighbors won’t forget to check your house. Plus, depending on how many family holidays you’ll be going on, it can get to the point you feel like a burden.

Home Automation Saves You From The Worry Of Forgetting

It helps with the terrifying moment of, “did I turn the stove top off?” or “Did I leave the dryer running?” With one click of a button or look on the security cameras, you can answer this question immediately.

Home Automation Can Allow You To See Who’s Ringing Your Doorbell Or Dropping Packages Off

With a video doorbell or security camera, you can check and make sure you know who’s coming to your house when you’re not there. This surveillance will also allow you to check on your packages until you can get home to bring them inside!

Home Automation Can Light Your Way

In the colder months, we all know it gets darker outside earlier. At first, this can be a hard adjustment to make, so leave it to home automation to help you out. If you know the kids’ practices will be late or you can’t leave the office at a normal time, you can turn the outside lights on or different lights inside your home. This allows for a safer walk from the car to the front door, and for some lighting once you get inside.


At ServiceOne, we’ve partnered with Building 36 to provide top-of-the-line home and business automation services in Omaha and Dubuque.  For more information about home and business automation in Omaha or Dubuque, contact us today!

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