1/23/2019 10:24 AM

5 things you shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal

As a homeowner, you’re constantly learning new things about keeping your home running smoothly. You learn through failure, Googling or calling your parents. You try to carry this homeowner wisdom with you.

You also learn how to avoid any home problems. There are times when problems can’t be avoided, like plumbing issues. You learn it’s time for Omaha plumbers to step in and take over a plumbing problem. To avoid any problems you need know what foods can be put into the disposal.

Here is what you should never put into your disposal:


It’s never a good idea to pour grease down your garbage disposal. Have you ever left bacon grease out or left in the pan? More likely than not, you ended up with a white solid in the pan. Now imagine if you poured that grease down your garbage disposal or drains.

Some of the grease could make its way into the motor of your garbage disposal causing it to build up. The buildup will damage the performance of your disposal. If it happens to get into your plumbing pipes, it could cause serious damage. The grease could block the water’s route and cause back ups.  You might have heard that pouring grease is okay if you pour hot water down it. You will only be left calling Omaha plumbers to come and fix it.


People have the misconception that celery is okay to throw into the garbage disposal. It’s a vegetable, not hard and doesn’t damage the environment. However, this vegetable is fibrous and not ideal for disposals.

Celery is a fibrous food that has lots of tiny strings. These strings can cause issues because they will wrap around the grinding teeth. It will prevent the garbage disposal motor from running properly. It’s recommended to toss celery in the trash instead to avoid any problems.


This one might be a no brainer. Tossing bones down the garbage disposal will only cause you problems. Some bones are hard and will not grind up by the teeth of the disposal. It could end up leaving you looking for a new garbage disposal and calling a plumber.

Egg shells

There is always a debate on whether it’s okay to toss egg shells down your garbage disposal. Some argue that it’s safe and will leave your drain smelling better. However, plumbers don’t quite agree with that argument.

Omaha plumbers suggest homeowners avoid throwing egg shells into their garbage disposals. The eggshells will stick to the pipes and cause a blockage in the drain. Only increasing the chances of a blockage to occur.

Potato peels

Some people believe that tossing potato peels down the disposal is perfectly fine. However, the hardness of the peels will put serious pressure on the disposal. Potatoes are full of scratch and this could cause a build up to occur.

If you’re encountering any garbage disposal problems contact us! At Serviceone, we will send one of our best Omaha plumbers out to inspect and repair any garbage disposal or plumbing issues.


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