4 Common Garbage Disposal Issues : Know When To Call The Plumber!

It’s happened to most of us. Standing water in the kitchen sink, disgusting standing water with food floating. Gross, right? What could be causing this issue? Is it something you can solve yourself or do you need to call a plumber?

Our Omaha plumbers and Dubuque plumbers weighed in with some simple fixes for everyday problems and some tips to let you know when it’s time to call in one of the professionals.

Garbage Disposal Clogged

Especially after major holidays, many plumbers see an uptick in the number of service calls because of the debris from the meal.

Taking care to make sure that the garbage disposal isn’t on, reach into the drain and see if you can pull up the extra, unbroken-down food and trash and deposit it into your trash can. Once you’ve cleaned out the drain (and removed your hand, of course!), try the garbage disposal switch to see if that cleared up the problem.

To keep this from happening in the future, use a strainer in the drain to keep larger food chunks or trash from falling into the disposal unit.

Garbage Disposal Won’t “Turn On”

If you hear a humming noise when you turn on your garbage disposal, but the blades in the garbage disposal don’t turn, this may mean that food or another object has jammed the system.

Making sure that the system isn’t “switched on,” reach down and remove any obstacles from the blades. Try flipping the switch again.

If this still doesn’t fix the issue, reset the garbage disposal by pushing the red button on the bottom of most disposals.

If the button reset doesn’t fix the issue, then it’s time to call in a plumber.

Garbage Disposal Leaking Under the Sink

While garbage disposals are typically worry-free appliances when they’re installed and used correctly, an improperly installed garbage disposal can leak or cause other issues. If your garbage disposal is leaking, call a plumber.

Old Garbage Disposal

Chances are, it’s time to replace your unit if it’s an older one. On average, a garbage disposal can last between eight and fifteen years. Call a plumber to make sure it’s installed correctly and works well. Many plumbers can also recommend the best garbage disposal unit for your family and plumbing system.

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