7 Things Plumbers Want You To Know

Owning a home is a major responsibility - and a major expense! It’s not uncommon for homeowners to try a few DIY tricks before calling in the pros. Here are some things that our Omaha plumbers and our Dubuque plumbers want you to know about your home’s plumbing system, though, to avoid major catastrophes.

Don’t keep the area under your sink jam-packed.

While it’s helpful to keep cleaning supplies under your sink, keeping to much under there can cause issues with the drain trap (the curved pipe under your sink). These pipes are designed to keep sewer gases out of your home and also allow waste water to pass.

If you have too much clutter under your sink, you run the risk of something bumping into those pipes and dislodging them, causing waste water and sewer gases to escape into your home. And that’s no fun for ANYONE!

Keep an eye on your hoses.

The hoses in your laundry room and to your ice makers are prone to cracking, bulging, and bursting, so keeping an eye on those can avoid plumbing calls by spotting issues early.

Look for standing water.

If you see water puddling around the base of your toilet, that can be a sign that the wax ring seal may be failing. Don’t ignore this warning sign. It can result in a large plumbing bill, plus it may lead to mold and rot in the subflooring beneath your bathroom tile or flooring!

Don’t throw trash in your toilet.

Hair from the bathroom, used floss, band-aids, and even flushable wipes can all cause an issue with your home’s plumbing, if you flush them down the toilet. The only things that should go in the toilet are human waste and toilet paper (in moderation!).

Don’t use your garbage disposal like a trash can!

Scrape your trash into the trash can instead of rinsing it down into the garbage disposal. The garbage disposal should just be for the few crumbs that come with washing your dishes off. It’s not meant to grind up an entire dinner or day’s worth of trash!

You should also not pour grease down the drain! We covered this in last week’s blog post, “Why Should You NEVER Put Grease Down Your Drain?

Don’t use those chlorine bleach tablets in your toilet tank.

Everyone likes to have a clean, fresh-smelling toilet in their bathrooms, but using the chlorine bleach drop-in tablets can do more harm than good. These tablets can disintegrate and get stuck in the flash valve, resulting in an unexpected repair fee.

If you don’t have plumbing experience, don’t try to DIY!

Most importantly, if you don’t have experience with the issue that’s going on, don’t try to DIY. This may cause even more of a problem - and more of an expense!

Have a plumbing emergency? Our Omaha plumbers and Dubuque plumbers are available 24 hours a day to ensure your plumbing is working properly.


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