Ways to stay cool in your home this summer

As we head further into June, it’s safe to say that the summer heat is here, and will be staying around for the next couple of months. 100+ degree temperatures are hitting the Midwest this week, which makes the need for a cool home very important. However, high temperatures usually come with high energy bills. 

Don’t let the summer heat break the bank. There are many ways homeowners can stay cool in their homes this summer and save money at the same time. Below, we share some tips and tricks to try out! 

Keep your blinds closed

Direct sunlight through windows is one thing that can heat up the inside of your home. By closing your window blinds, especially when you are not home, you can help keep your home feeling cooler. If you enjoy having natural light in your home, try only opening your blinds during the morning and evening hours, when the outdoor temperatures are cooler.

Set your ceiling fan

Did you know your ceiling fan can turn in different directions? Yes, ceiling fans can turn both clockwise and counterclockwise, and are very easy to switch. During the warm summer months, homeowners should set their ceiling fans to turn counterclockwise. Why? When your ceiling fans turn this way, it creates a downward airflow that will push cool air to your floors. And yes, during the colder winter months, it’s a good idea to flip the switch back to clockwise!

Close doors to unused rooms

Depending on your home, there may be rooms that you don’t use on a daily basis. To keep the rest of your home cool, it’s a smart idea to close the doors to those rooms. Keeping those doors open will allow cold air to travel into them, which is kind of counter-efficient when trying to keep other, more used areas cool! 

Avoid cooking indoors

On super hot days, it’s a good idea to try and avoid cooking indoors. Cooking can cause your home’s temperature to rise, and ultimately makes your AC work harder than it needs to. Although this is not always doable, avoiding using your stove, oven and other appliances that can generate heat will help keep your home more cool and your energy bill less expensive. 

Switch to energy-saving light bulbs

Seems like your home is warmer with the lights on? Incandescent light bulbs can produce a decent amount of heat that can cause your home’s temperature to rise. Switching to energy-saving light bulbs such as LED lights will not only help you save and conserve energy, but also provide cooler air in your home. 

Invest in a Daikin Fit

Lastly, one of the best ways to keep your home feeling cool is by investing in the best, most efficient technology. At ServiceOne, we offer the Daikin Fit heating and cooling system. This system brings 21st century comfort without the noise or costs. With the Daikin Fit HVAC system, you will enjoy more consistent air flow, save up to 30% on your energy bills and start enjoying the sound of silence through quiet operation. Contact us today to learn more! 

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