The Benefits Of A Smart Thermostat

The comfort of your home during the entire year is so important! A comfortable home allows us to get good sleep, relax, and have fun within our home! Luckily, heating and cooling systems allow us to do all of this!

To control the temperature of your home, your HVAC system is connected to your thermostat. From there, you can choose what temperature you want your home set to. As technology has innovated over time, so have thermostats! Nowadays, smart thermostats allow you to better control your home’s settings!

At ServiceOne, we provide quality Omaha furnace service. Our HVAC technicians are professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of home heating and air. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of upgrading to a smart thermostat!

What is a smart thermostat?

To start, what exactly is a smart thermostat, and what does it do? A smart thermostat is similar to the standard thermostat that is in your home but offers many different innovative features. Smart thermostats allow homeowners to access their thermostats no matter where they are. You could be at work on a hot day and turn your air conditioning down a couple degrees right from your phone! Many smart thermostats also offer you access to other systems, including security, electricity and more. 

With a smart thermostat, you can turn off lights that you had forgotten to turn off, you can adjust the temperature of your home, and much much more. 

So why do you need a smart thermostat?

Minimize Energy Costs

One reason why you should upgrade to a smart thermostat is that it will help reduce energy costs! Many smart thermostats allow you to schedule your HVAC system to run less when you are gone from your home, at work for example. This improves your home’s energy efficiency, which in turn will help save you money on energy costs!

Routine tracking

Another benefit that most smart thermostats offer is being able to track your energy usage, specifically your heating and cooling system. This will allow you to learn more about your home energy usage, and be able to make changes that you feel like would benefit your home!


Depending on what type of smart thermostat you go with, you could find that they are honestly quite affordable! Although smart thermostats that offer a variety of features will cost more, other options do not cost nearly as much. Also, the energy and money you save on your energy bills helps make smart thermostats a great long term investment. 

Remote access

Lasty, the best part of smart thermostats is that many come with remote access, meaning you can have access to your home’s systems no matter where you are! Some thermostats will even send you alerts when things go wrong. This lets you never worry about your home systems while away again!

Adding a smart thermostat in your home won’t only keep your home feeling comfortable at all times but also keep your energy costs low as well. Consider adding a smart thermostat to your home today!

At ServiceOne, we offer a variety of Omaha furnace services. From inspections to repairs, replacements and installations, we have you covered. To learn more about our Omaha furnace service, or any of our other home services, please visit our website today!

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