Spring Home Maintenance Checklist 2023

Goodbye winter, spring is finally here! As the days start getting longer and the weather starts getting warmer, now is a great time to start preparing your home for the summer heat ahead of us. 

Spring maintenance is very important to make sure your home is ready for the warmer weather and summer months ahead. At ServiceOne, we are experts when it comes to everything home maintenance. Below, we provide some things you should definitely add to your spring maintenance checklist

Inspect your home’s exterior

One of the most important things to do every spring, and add to your spring maintenance checklist, is inspect the entire exterior of your home. Throughout the winter months, damages can happen to your home’s exterior and end up causing problems down the road. Inspecting for and finding these damages early will significantly help you save money in the long run. Here are some areas that you should inspect every spring: 


During the winter, your roof takes a lot of inclement weather. It’s important that you examine your roof and make sure there is no warping, cracking, loose or missing shingles. It’s very beneficial to spot these damages early in the spring and to perform repairs on them as soon as possible. This will help ensure that there are no future problems! 


Another area you should definitely take a look at is your home’s gutters. During the fall and winter months, leaves, sticks and other debris often fill up your gutters, and can potentially cause clogs. By removing all of this debris, you will make sure your gutters are working properly before the spring rain comes!


Lastly, make sure your windows and storm screens are all in good working order! If you notice any cracks in or around your windows, big or small, it’s important that you get those sealed up! Any air leaks within your home can end up costing you extra on your energy costs. 

Run outside faucets

Once the weather starts to warm up a little more, it’s also important that you begin to run your outdoor faucets. Doing this will ensure that your plumbing pipes are working on your home’s exterior. If you notice that the water pressure is low, or water isn’t coming out at all, it may be a smart idea to have a professional plumber come take a look. 

Air conditioning

Lastly, it’s important that you are performing maintenance and making sure that your air conditioner is working properly and ready for the hot summer months ahead. Be sure to remember to clean out your outdoor condenser unit, change your air filter and schedule your annual HVAC maintenance by a professional!

It might not be the most fun thing to do, but performing home maintenance can help keep your home working properly and save you money down the road. Consider adding these things to your spring maintenance checklist!

At ServiceOne, we are your home maintenance Omaha company. If you have any questions regarding maintenance on any of your home’s systems, give us a call today!

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