ServiceOne air conditioning how-to: checking and replacing your air filter

Once a month, our ServiceOne air conditioning department likes to send out a reminder to change your air filters in your HVAC system.

Last week, we introduced a new how-to video we produced on cleaning out your air conditioner condenser coils. If you’re noticing a marked difference in how your home’s air conditioner is operating, it’s good to clean out the coils and also look at your home’s air filter.

What are the warning signs to show it’s time to change your air filter?

  • You haven’t changed it in months, maybe even years! Outlasting the manufacturer’s recommendation is not a good idea. Most 1-inch filters are good for 30-60 days, depending on the usage of the system.

  • Less air flow coming out of the vents. Too much of a build-up on the air filter can make it harder for clean air to get through.

  • Perhaps,  you noticed a small amount of ice on the lines for the air conditioning unit.

  • Have you experienced any of the following symptoms? Headaches, dizziness, fatigue,  respiratory issues or irritation in the eyes, nose, sinus, or throat.

  • When you open the housing for the filter and/or slide the filter out, you’ll notice a build-up of dirt and dust on the filter. If it’s been a very long time, the filter may be completely filthy and blocking air flow in your home.

What does a clean air filter do for your home?

Whether we’re at the height of summer’s heat index or the lows of winter temperatures, our HVAC system can operate in any extreme weather. With a clean air filter, you can guarantee your HVAC system filter out most impurities from your air. These contaminants  can include dust, mold, dirt, pollen, smoke, dander and more.

Changing your air filter also helps keep your repair costs down. Each time you replace it, you are helping your HVAC system run more efficiently, which means less wear and tear on the system. This translates to a longer lifespan for the system and potentially less high-cost repairs!

Ready to check your air filter?

Watch our video below to locate your air filter and hear from our ServiceOne air conditioning professionals.

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