Repair vs. Replace

Answering the age old question “Should I repair it or replace it?” is a difficult one.  Ultimately, the decision is yours to make and should not be taken lightly.  It could end up costing you more money, time and energy than necessary.

When should you start considering replacing vs repairing?


Systems older than 10 years old and furnaces or boilers older than 15 years are recommended to be replaced by the EPA and Department of Energy joint ENERGY STAR program. These systems may continue to work for a couple more years but, over time, they will increasingly lose energy and efficiency, costing you energy dollars.

Frequent Breakdowns During Peak Use

Repairs may not be in your best interest if your system can’t handle the demand during the hottest and coldest times of the year or has broken down multiple times over the past several years.  Multiple repairs add up over time, in some cases, costing you more than investing in a new system.

Uneven Temperatures

Hot and cold spots in your home are frustrating and not something you have to live with. A new system, if sized and installed properly, will eliminate uneven temperatures in your home. Living comfortably is possible!


Is your air conditioner the loudest amongst your neighbors?  Over time, a system may have to work harder to keep up with the heating and cooling demands of your home, causing excessive noise or random shutdowns. 

Benefits of Replacement

Comfort & Air Quality

With recent advances in technology, new air conditioners can virtually eliminate hot and cold areas, high and low humidity, bad air quality and noisy equipment (both indoors and outdoors).   


All new units from a reputable manufacturer will come with at least a 1-year parts and labor warranty.  ServiceOne can provide up to a 10-year parts and labor warranty, helping you save on repair costs if any issues should arise.

Substantial Cost Savings

If your system is older than 12 years old, the furnace is probably running at 65% efficiency and your air conditioner is an 8 seer or less.  New furnaces offer efficiency at upwards of 97%.  Air conditioner SEER ratings range from 13 - 21.  I know what you’re thinking right now… what in the world is a SEER rating?  SEER is your air conditioners Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  Essentially, the higher the SEER rating, the more efficient your air conditioner will be, which translates into lower utility bills.  There is an awesome website out there that can help you calculate the energy saving over 20 years! Click here to check it out!  

Tax Incentives

So, if you replace your system you are already saving money on utility bills but did you know you can SAVE MORE MONEY?  Tax credits, rebates and incentives may be available where you live.  OPPD just introduced some new rebates, Mid-American Energy and the State of Iowa offers tax credits and rebates, as well.  A ServiceOne comfort advisor will work to ensure you are receiving all the rebates and credits that are available to you.

Green Benefits

R-22, the refrigerant that makes certain air conditioners work, is being ‘phased out.’ In an effort to protect the ozone, the U.S. Government and the EPA, have mandated R-22 be eliminated by 2020.  Each year, less R-22 will be manufactured and due to the low supply, the cost continues to increase.  Upgrading to a system that uses R-410A will not only help the environment but also help you save money on repairs.


No more break downs means no more days of missed work or uncomfortable nights waiting for repairs or parts to arrive!  

When does repairing your system make better sense?

Newer Systems

Obviously, if you have a newer system the repair will most likely make the most financial sense.  A 5 year old system still has a lot of life left in it… if you are taking proper care of your system.  More on this later.

The 50% Rule

We suggest choosing the repair, if the cost for repair vs replacement of your system is less than half of its value and you haven’t had many service calls to keep your system up and running.  


If you are having issues with your furnace or air conditioner before moving, it would be a great idea to discuss the situation with your Real Estate Agent.  They can help you determine the best option with your best interest in mind.


Regular annual maintenance checks are the only way to ensure your furnace and air conditioner will stand the test of time.  Just like changing the oil in your car.  Some simple maintenance techniques can help prolong your systems life span and make immediate replacement unnecessary.  

So there you have it… 

The answer to when you should replace your heating or cooling system vs. repair your heating or cooling system. 

If you are still not sure, ServiceOne has expert technicians and Comfort Advisors that can help you make your decision.  A Comfort Advisor will come to your home for FREE with NO OBLIGATION and give you a bid for a new system.

ServiceOne has financing options available.   

Now, if you haven’t taken such good care of your furnace and air conditioner, it’s never too late to start!! 

We offer annual maintenance checks, 20-point check for air conditioners and a 22-point check for furnaces

Peace of mind for the two most expensive appliances in your home!

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