Going geothermal with your home’s energy

Fossil fuels are viewed as a necessary evil by many in today’s world. The fuel source powers our cars, homes and, frankly, our lives.

We’re also becoming more knowledgeable about how they’re affecting the world around us. Global warming trends have some scientists worried about an apocalyptic-sounding “hothouse Earth.”

Awareness levels show that we’re making progress on environmentally-friendly changes to society. One of the easiest commitments you can actually make in your own life to further offset damage? Geothermal heating and cooling technology!

What is geothermal energy?

Simply put, the geothermal process uses the natural heat energy found below the Earth’s surface.

Actually, it’s cool below Earth’s surface when it’s scorching hot out in the summer. In the winter when heat is a hot commodity, the sun’s energy is stored underground.

The power behind this process comes from a geothermal heat pump installed in-home. This kind of system can be installed to work with your home’s existing vents, A/C controllers and ducts. We can assess your home and tell you exactly how a geothermal system would benefit you.

The pipe system that connects to the geothermal pump is fairly straightforward. Its purpose is to circulate water to “coils” or “loops” deep underground where pockets of heat or cold sit. These pipe configurations can be one of many variants, including horizontal loop systems, vertical loop systems, slinky coil systems or systems made to operate in lakes or ponds.

The water circulates underground, is heated or cooled depending on the season and then it’s pumped back up to the house where it either warms or cools air.

Geothermal in our area

The Iowa Geothermal Association found homeowners could lower their heating costs by half and their cooling costs by 30 percent when they adopted this technology.

The Nebraska Energy Office compiled a great list of notable geothermal systems in the state to show how it works in either residential or commercial settings:

“Congressman Jeff Fortenberry installed a geothermal system at his residence. Two wells were punched into the ground, both 180 feet deep, on the side of his house.

The Nebraska State Patrol replaced their heating/cooling system with a geothermal heat pump in buildings in Norfolk, Grand Island and North Platte.

The Bridges is the state's first totally geothermal residential neighborhood located in Lincoln, Nebraska. The neighborhood is comprised of 70 lots.

The Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center in Geneva replaced or upgraded their heating and cooling system with a geothermal heat pump in Burroughs Cottage, Sandoz Cottage and Sacajawea Cottage.

The Hickman Community Center is a 16,940-square-foot building with a geothermal well system and 49 well points. It's energy-efficient and features all-LED lighting.”

Put the planet’s natural underground heat to work for you and you’ll see a more favorable heating and cooling bill every month. It also helps the environment! One system installed in your home is the equivalent of 750 new trees being planted.

If you have questions about going geothermal on your property, give us a call!



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