UPDATED: Geothermal Energy In Your Home

The cost of electricity has increased immensely over the past couple of years, and the concern about climate change only continues to grow. Because of these two things, homeowners are looking for a cheaper, cleaner and more sustainable way to heat and cool their homes. One of the alternatives that has seen the most increased usage throughout the United States is geothermal energy. 

Geothermal energy is a new, yet very effective way for homeowners to gain the energy they need to heat and cool their homes. Geothermal energy does just that by recycling energy from the earth itself. Geothermal energy offers a sustainable and less expensive energy supply to homes all over the country. 

At ServiceOne, we offer professional geothermal services to homes throughout the Omaha metro area. Upgrading your heating and cooling systems to geothermal energy offers a lot of advantages. Below, we discuss what geothermal energy is and the benefits it offers to homeowners.

What is geothermal energy?

The geothermal process uses the natural heat energy found below the Earth’s surface. Meaning  when homeowners switch to home geothermal energy, they begin to use energy that comes directly and naturally from the earth.  

The power behind this process comes from a geothermal heat pump installed in-home. This kind of system can be installed to work with your home’s existing vents, A/C controllers and ducts. Our team can assess your home and tell you exactly how a geothermal system would benefit you.

The pipe system that connects to the geothermal pump is fairly straightforward. Its purpose is to circulate water to “coils” or “loops” deep underground where warm and cool pockets exist in the earth. These pipe configurations can be one of many variants, including horizontal loop systems, vertical loop systems, slinky coil systems or systems made to operate in lakes or ponds. The water circulates underground, is heated or cooled depending on the season and then is pumped back up to the house where it either warms or cools air.

The benefits of geothermal heating and cooling

A geothermal heating and cooling system, compared to traditional home heating and cooling, offers a variety of different advantages. Below, we go over some of the top advantages geothermal energy offers to homeowners. 

Saves money in the long run

Although geothermal heating and cooling systems come with an expensive price up front, you will certainly make back your investment and more in the long run! Geothermal services come with low operating costs and are very energy efficient, allowing you to save on your monthly energy bill. 

Improves the value of your home

A geothermal heating and cooling system will also increase the value of your home. New home buyers are always looking for sustainable and eco-friendly features in new homes, which is exactly what geothermal heating and cooling systems provide! If you are planning on selling your home in the future years, a geothermal heating and cooling system will help your house sell for more!

Geothermal is renewable and eco-friendly

Lastly, geothermal heating and cooling is a renewable and eco-friendly energy source. It is a clean source of energy that helps reduce the amount of fossil fuels and other toxins in our world. By taking natural heat from the Earth’s ground and turning it into energy, there’s not a more clean way to heat and cool your home on a daily basis! 

As homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to save money and lower their carbon footprint at the same time. Geothermal heating and cooling can check both of these boxes off your list! If you are interested in learning more about our geothermal services here at ServiceOne, contact us today!

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