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Cold weather belongs outdoors — and a well-maintained furnace with ServiceOne will make sure of that. But when you have a malfunctioning furnace, it can not only affect the comfort levels of your environment, but it can also result in an increased energy bill — oftentimes unbeknownst to you. Furnace Maintenance is part of our comprehensive HVAC Omaha services designed to prevent furnace breakdowns, save money on energy bills and help you put off a costly furnace replacement. We maintain all makes and models of residential and commercial heating systems, including furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps, while inspecting all your heater segments from electrical and gas lines to the burners, drains, exchangers, and controls for optimal safety assurance and efficient operation.

Furnace and heater maintenance in Omaha helps address any furnace issues and malfunctions as well as provide preventative furnace maintenance to keep yours running in excellent shape. Furnaces don’t always tell you when something is wrong and may not give many hints of an issue until it becomes a bigger problem. At ServiceOne, we specialize in furnace diagnostics and maintenance designed to prevent, identify and resolve every type of furnace problem while providing a cost-effective solution that keeps your furnace in top condition. Don’t wait until your furnace performance deteriorates or fails on a cold Omaha night — and call ServiceOne today.

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Furnace Maintenance Plans Tailored to Your Need

Whether you’re seeking a one-time furnace tune-up or want to back your furnace with a Heating and Cooling Protection Plan, ServiceOne accommodates homeowners and business owners with comprehensive furnace maintenance solutions that keep the heat running. At only $23.95 a month (+tax), our Heating and Cooling Protection Plan includes an annual heating inspection, annual heat pump inspection, and the majority of parts and labor costs on heating system repairs.

We’ll make sure your heating system is operating at full efficiency and run a comprehensive 22-point furnace & humidifier inspection that includes:

  • Checking your wall thermostat
  • Checking the combustion blower
  • Checking the circulating blower
  • Checking the recuperative and/or evaporative coils 
  • Checking motor belts
  • Oiling motors
  • Checking air filters 
  • Checking pressure switch tubing
  • Checking the BTU input to combustibles
  • Checking fan control
  • Checking heat exchanger
  • Inspecting vents and connector
  • Checking for combustion air source
  • Checking the electric connections
  • Checking carbon monoxide level in the flue
  • Checking the health of the combustion process
  • Checking the temperature rise
  • Checking the condensate drain
  • Checking ignition system

And there’s simply no better bargain for furnace maintenance with same-day service available across the Greater Omaha area than our Home Warranty Plan, which includes diagnostics, repairs, and replacement parts on all of your heating system products as well as your home appliances for only $595 a year. With ServiceOne, you can enjoy peace of mind all-year-round knowing that your appliances are under the care of heating and air Omaha specialists.

Common furnace problems include:

  • Furnace has no heat
  • Furnace not blowing
  • Furnace has no power
  • Furnace turns off by itself
  • Furnace making loud noises
  • Furnace pilot light won’t stay on
  • Furnace smells like gas
  • Furnace has faulty limit control switch
  • Damaged heat exchanger
  • Furnace energy loss
  • Furnace burners are clogged
  • Furnace filters are dirty
  • Furnace causing high energy bill

Why Choose ServiceOne for Heating and Cooling Omaha?

As HVAC Omaha professionals, we have the knowledge and experience to provide valuable advice on what’s best for your furnace — and your wallet. Sometimes, a Furnace Replacement may be a more cost-effective solution, in the long run, thanks to the vastly-improved energy-efficiency and technology of modern heating systems. But our heater maintenance services also go a long way in extending the lifespan of your existing furnace, so you can put that replacement off for years to come.

ServiceOne has been providing appliance maintenance, repairs, and installation across Omaha for over 30 years. We are a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating . Our in-house technicians are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and gas-certified servicemen who have passed a strict background check to ensure professionalism in every aspect of their work. When you partner with ServiceOne for all of your residential heating and commercial heating solutions, you can enjoy the full benefits of a well-maintained heater and save time and money on expensive breakdowns, furnace replacement, and energy loss.

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