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What is ServiceOne Connect?

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The plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical systems in our home and business aren’t things we stop and think about until they unexpectedly stop working. ServiceOne Connect, powered by Building 36, provides solutions that allow you to be notified of issues instantly, provides you with the tools to act quickly, and offers an expanded line of home automation products. Have the confidence knowing that the people you love are safe:

  • House temperatures are okay with pets at home
  • House is locked and garage is closed
  • Elderly parents are okay
  • Kids arrived home safe from school

Remote Access and Control

  • Access and control your home from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or computer. Check-in on the dog while you’re at work, unlock the door for the kids after school, and close the garage if it was left open – anything you need. Have your whole home on one simple dashboard.

Custom Automation

  • Create unique schedules for your products to operate around your lifestyle. For example, you can schedule the thermostat adjust itself before your commute home or set a rule for your water supply to shut off automatically as soon as a leak it detected. Save time, save money, and simplify your life.


  • Text and email notifications inform you of the changes at home you care about most. Get notified if the garage door was left open, if the thermostat was adjusted, if the front door was accessed and more. Real-time notifications keep you connected to your home no matter where you are.

Interactive Monitoring

  • Prevent costly damage to the critical systems in your home with 24/7 monitoring that alerts you if something is wrong. Get text or email alerts to warn you of potential flooding, sump pump failure, critical temperatures at home and more–everything you need to keep your home comfortable and safe.

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Air Solutions

Air Solutions

Intelligent Thermostat

The Building36 Intelligent Thermostat takes the guesswork out of saving energy, and lets your home or business act for you – based on your location, activity, and even the weather conditions. When it is fully integrated into your Smart system, it can do more than other smart thermostats. Our technology gives you the perfect balance of energy savings and comfort.

Temperature Sensor

With wireless temperature sensors, the Intelligent Thermostat delivers precision comfort to the rooms where you spend your time, not just where the thermostat happens to be. Simply place these subtle devices around your home, and optimize your home’s temperature for comfort in specific rooms.

IR Remote

Control your existing ductless mini-split from anywhere in the world and enjoy the benefits of our smart home platform. The Remotec IR Remote connects to your unit and gives it the smart controls you need to keep you in control, help you save energy, and keep your family comfortable.

Water Solutions

Water Solutions

Water Shut-Off Controller

Prevent the costly damage of flooding by having your home’s water supply shut off automatically as soon as your Water Sensor detects a leak.  You’ll also be able to shut off your home’s water supply from anywhere, at any time.

Water Sensor

Water damage can cost thousands if preventative solutions aren’t in place. The Building36 Water Sensor detects leaks and alerts you instantly so you can act quickly or even have your home’s water supply shut off automatically to prevent flooding.

Sump Pump Monitor

Every year homeowners have sump pumps that fail because the pump was broken or malfunctioned when they needed it most. Our sump pump monitoring solution, consisting of a Water Sensor and Heavy Duty Smart Switch, alerts you instantly of critical issues so you can prevent costly damage caused from your sump pump not working.

We have a full suite of mobile apps that are free and easy-to-use. Get the free App to gain remote control of your business today!

Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions


Smart light switches and dimmers keep the ambiance in your home comfortable for everyone while giving you the control to save energy and flexibility to adjust the lights at home remotely or automatically to match your lifestyle.

Smart Energy Switch

A Smart Energy Switch plugs into any power outlet in your home and turns it into a smart outlet. Any device you plug into the outlet can then be controlled remotely and can have the energy usage monitored in real-time. With a 15 amp max capacity this is great for connecting desk lamps, crock pots, cable boxes, beauty appliances and much more.

Heavy Duty Smart Switch

A Heavy Duty Smart Switch connects to appliances in your home that consume a lot of electricity and monitors the energy usage in real-time while allowing you to control the appliance remotely. With a 40 amp max capacity this is great for connecting to electrical hot water heaters, wall unit air conditioners, space heaters, washing machines, dryers and much more.

Home Energy Meter

Saving money and energy is only possible if we know how much we are using and when we are using it. The Home Energy Meter is installed in your electrical panel and monitors the total consumption of electricity used by your whole home so you can understand how much you’re using and when you’re using it. You can also have the meter monitor individual circuits.

Access Solutions

Access Solutions

​Door Locks

Say goodbye to the days of leaving a key under your welcome mat and worrying if you left the door unlocked. Smart door locks allow you to check in on the status of your door, lock or unlock it from anywhere, and can alert you instantly when it has been unlocked.

Garage Doors

No need to panic during your morning commute wondering whether or not you closed the garage door – those days are history. Simply upgrade your garage door with our LiftMaster accessories and you’ll be able to receive an alert if the garage was left open, close it right from your phone and more.

Door/Window Sensor

The Door/Window Sensor attaches to a door, window, or any other object in your home to monitor its access and alerts you instantly if it was opened or was left open. The small device is battery powered and blends right in with your home décor for a discreet, intelligent upgrade to any area of home.

Awareness Solutions

Awareness Solutions

Video Cameras

Video cameras allow you to see what’s going on at your property when you’re not there. See if the kids are behaving for the babysitter, make sure your package was delivered on time, and even get video clips sent directly to your phone of suspicious motion detected on your lawn at night. This video solution keeps your eyes on the things you care about most so you always know what is happening at home.

Image Sensor

The Image Sensor detects motion, captures a picture of the activity, and sends it to you instantly for viewing. This small, wireless sensor is battery powered and easily attaches to a wall at home to give you visibility to what’s happening when you’re not there. Get a quick picture throughout the day to see that the kids arrived home from school or check in when you want to snap a picture.