11/7/2018 9:11 AM

Why your furnace needs a winter check-up

The holidays are around the corner, and the last thing you want on your mind is having to fix your furnace. Not to mention if you will be the host of all the holiday parties. You don’t want to keep your family and guests in the cold during Thanksgiving or Christmas. Scheduling a furnace check will save you the worrying and money. HVAC professionals state that on average, 75 percent of winter calls could have been prevented if there was a regular furnace inspection.

At ServiceOne, we are offering a Winter Warranty coverage for your furnace for the price $119.95. You will receive a complete furnace coverage, including parts and labor, through March 31, 2019. Our Omaha HVAC professionals do a 22 point furnace inspection and humidifier inspection. To keep your family safe, we will also include a free carbon monoxide detector.

We make sure to check and inspect everything so you don’t have to worry. Here are couple of things we inspect in our furnace inspections.

  1. Wall Thermostat

  2. Combustion Blower

  3. Circulating Blower

  4. Recuperative and/or evaporative coils

  5. Motor belts

  6. Motor Bearings

  7. Oil Motors

  8. Air Filters 

  9. Fan control

  10. Pressure switch tubing and so much more.

Having a one of our Omaha HVAC professionals inspect your furnace will have you worry free all winter along. We want to share with you the top reasons it’s worth the time and investment for a heating and cooling specialist to inspect your furnace. Keep your family and home safe throughout this winter with our Winter Warranty coverage.

Keep your family safe from carbon monoxide

One of the most frightening things that can occur during the winter is carbon monoxide poisoning from your furnace. Carbon monoxide is silent and deadly. It is odorless and invisible, so it’s not easy to spot without a carbon monoxide detector. If your furnace is not kept up to date and checked, it could produce a leak and cause carbon monoxide to fill the air in your home. Leaks are normally caused by a cracked heat exchanger. A HVAC specialist will be able to replace it or find the source of where the leak is coming from. Keeping your family safe is your number one priority so having an inspections could save lives.

Save you money

Who does not like to save money? Save some extra cash during the holidays by getting an early maintenance check on your furnace. Having our Omaha HVAC professionals check your furnace will help keep it running longer. They will be able to fix any minor repairs that can turn to expensive repairs.  Another bonus, your energy bill could also see a decrease in cost. If not properly cared for your furnace can take more energy to produce heat and cost your more monthly.

Remember if you are looking to get a furnace inspections this winter be sure to give us a call and request a Winter Warranty for safety, warmth and peace of mind all winter long.


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