Why Should You NEVER Put Grease Down Your Drain

Your kitchen sink starts to back up with water and big grease bubbles rising to the surface. Someone poured bacon grease from brunch down the kitchen drain. Our Dubuque plumbers and Omaha plumbers weigh in on how this one little convenience can cause major havoc for not only you, but your neighbors as well!

Why Is It Bad To Pour Grease Down Your Drain?

Fats, oils, and grease can be harmful to your home’s plumbing system and can build up over time. They can create nasty, disgusting-smelling clogs within the pipes.

In addition to being hard on your home’s plumbing system, these are also hard on your local water treatment plant’s system. It’s difficult to remove large amounts of fats, oils, and grease from the local water supply.

What Happens When You Do Pour Grease Down Your Drain?

While it may not seem like a big deal to pour the liquid fats and grease down your drain while they’re hot and still liquid-y, it WILL turn into a big deal later on. As they cool, they can harden and stick to the sides of your pipes.

Eventually, all of these little clogs and fatty deposits can grow together and restrict the water flow, causing a total blockage.

This total blockage may even happen under your home or in your septic tank. These hard-to-access areas can make repairs expensive!

Another very real possibility is that the clog can form in the common sewer line in your neighborhood. This type of clog can cause a major sewer backup or flooded basements for other people in your neighborhood!

Think of these huge neighborhood-wide or city-wide clogs as fatbergs, or fatty icebergs, that can take down whole cities (okay, we may be a **smidge** dramatic here!).

What If You Use Hot Water?

Using hot water will only delay the inevitable. Eventually, both the water and the grease or fatty liquid will cool and the fats will start to congeal or harden.

What Should Never Be Poured Down Your Kitchen Drain?

This is not a complete list, but here are some of the most common fats, oils, and greases that our Omaha plumbers and Dubuque plumbers have heard of from our plumbing clients:

  • Bacon grease
  • Butter
  • Coconut oil (including if you’re using it for oil pulling)
  • Cooking oils of any kind
  • Drippings from chicken, pork, beef, etc.
  • Gravy and other fat-based sauces
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salad dressings

Special Note: Hot greases and oils should also not be poured into your trashcan, as it can melt the trashbags, liner, or even the plastic trashcan itself!

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