5/23/2018 10:24 AM

Why Do You Need A Whole Home Generator For Midwestern Summers?

The summer months in Nebraska and Iowa are full of turbulent thunderstorms, lightning, and even a few tornadoes here and there. Any one of these can knock out power to a home, business, or an entire neighborhood. It is important to keep your family and your property safe and comfortable during these times. This is why you need an automatic backup generator for your home.

Why Do You Need A Small House Backup Generator?

Peace Of Mind

Having a home backup generator can help put your mind at ease. If the electricity goes out during or after a storm, you will still be able to keep your household running. The food in the refrigerator will stay fresh. You will be able to keep running your air conditioner in extreme temperatures to keep your family cool and comfortable. Computer and electronic equipment won’t suffer the negative consequences of power surges.

A backup generator will automatically “click on” seconds after your home loses power. This means there’s no need to rummage around for flashlights or candles - or risk bumping into things in the dark!

Does The Work For You

If you have contemplated getting a backup generator for your home before, but were thinking about a portable generator, a small house backup generator has many more benefits.

The greatest benefit to having an automatic backup generator? You won’t have to go outside to switch over to backup power during a storm. With a whole home backup generator, it will switch over reserve power automatically - without you needing to do anything.

As the wind blows around and rain pours, portable generators can be a hassle if you have to refill the gas can. With backup generators, there’s no need to refill the gas or worry about carbon monoxide poisoning!

What Does A Backup Generator Run On?

A backup generator, unlike a portable generator that runs on gas or diesel and has the potential to give off dangerous carbon monoxide fumes, runs off of your home’s existing fuel source - either liquid propane or natural gas. Because of this, they must be hooked up by a licensed electrician.


At Service One in Omaha and Dubuque, we are a distributor for Generac generators. We can install and maintain your small house backup generator and fix any issues that may come up. Let us keep the lights on for you all season long! If you find yourself hesitant about getting a whole home backup generator, read the FAQs on Generac’s site.

Are you ready for your small house backup generator? Contact us today!

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