Why Do Moms Love Home Automation Systems?

To all of the hard-working, selfless, caring Omaha and Dubuque moms out there - Happy Mother’s Day!

Moms have one of the toughest jobs out there. They have to keep their family safe, make sure they’re clean, transport everyone to their respective events and activities, sign permission slips, pack lunches, and buy birthday presents. They also tend to be extracurricular enthusiasts, ouchie fixers, and some are worrying warriors, to boot!

Here at ServiceOne, we LOVE moms. And the more Omaha home automation and Dubuque home automation systems we install in these areas, the more we hear about how much moms love the solutions they provide.

Why Do Moms Love Home Automation Systems?

They don’t have to be at home to monitor what’s going on there.

With just a few swipes from her smartphone, Mom can check out what’s going on in and around her home at any time, day or night. This ensures her family’s security and safety, giving her peace of mind!

If moms ARE home, home automation systems can help them feel more safe and secure there.

By installing motion cameras, doorbell cameras, and alarms, moms can feel extra safe while they’re tucked in at home for the night, knowing they can keep an eye on everything around them if anything suspicious should happen in the night.

Home automation systems are versatile.

Security is a big feature, but home automation systems can also help with fire protection, flood detection, indoor cameras, doorbell cameras, and motion sensors. Depending on a mom’s individual needs, systems can be set up with as many or as few features as she wants.

Home automation systems are convenient.

No more running back inside to turn off forgotten lights or returning home to a dark house. Moms can now adjust the lighting (and so many additional features!) in your home right from their smartphones.

Moms can monitor who has access to their home.

Thanks to smart home locks, each family member can have their own access code, which helps busy moms know when their kids are getting home from school, their part-time jobs, or late-night activities, too.

Added Bonus: If necessary, a temporary access code can be set up for service providers or other people who will need access to your home. Moms can then easily shut off access with just a few swipes of her tablet or smartphone!

Are you a mom looking for some added security and technological advances for your home? Perhaps you are a family looking to spoil Mom for Mother’s Day? Don’t try to DIY when it comes to Omaha home automation or Dubuque home automation, contact us today!


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