UPDATED: Why DIY Electric Isn’t For You

There are many times where you may think, “hey, maybe I should just fix this myself to save money.” Although there are some projects that just make sense to do yourself, there are others that should definitely be done by a professional, including electrical projects. 

Calling and hiring a professional Omaha electrician to come work on your home may seem inconvenient, however, electrical systems are complicated. The average homeowner doesn't have the certification or experience to handle electrical issues. And to keep yourself and your home safe, electrical work needs to be done properly.

At ServiceOne, our licensed electricians have the proper knowledge and experience to get your home’s electrical issues fixed correctly. In this post, we explain why it’s smart to not perform DIY electrical projects!

It’s dangerous

First and foremost, electrical work is dangerous, especially if you don’t entirely know what you’re doing. Cutting a wrong wire or just wiring your system wrong in general can cause a huge mess within your electrical system. Even the smallest mishap can turn into an electrocution. Keep the safety of yourself and your home in mind, and hire a professional that understands what he or she is doing to get your issue fixed!

On top of electrocutions, doing electrical work by yourself also increases the risk of a house fire. Defective electrical repairs are a leading cause of house fires in America, which ultimately will end up costing you more than hiring a professional. 

Against electrical codes

Another reason to not perform extensive electrical repairs yourself is that it may result in your home not meeting electrical code requirements. There is a reason why states enforce strict electric code requirements. Since electrical work can be dangerous, they want it to be done by a professional. When your home isn’t meeting electrical codes, it can affect your insurance policy. If you’re going to end up paying more down the road, you might as well just hire a professional to do it the right way from the start. 

Also, all electrical repairs are required to pass inspection once they are completed. And usually during DIY projects, this is neglected. Not having your electrical system inspected poses risks and can end up costing you in fines. When you hire a professional, you can rest assured that your system will pass city inspections!

Less liability

If something were to go wrong then you are not held responsible for the work that a professional did. Hiring a professional can actually end up saving you from a lot of troubles down the road. Alos, having a professional Omaha electrician do the work for you will give you peace of mind knowing your electrical system will work fine going forward. 

The most important reason why you should not perform DIY electrical projects is safety. Many homeowners don’t 100 percent know what they are doing, which ultimately puts yourself and your home in danger. When it comes down to it, it’s smart to hire a licensed electrician to take care of your electrical repairs for you!

At ServiceOne, our professional Omaha electricians have helped many homeowners repair their electrical system. Our team is smart and pays great attention to detail, ensuring that your issue gets fixed correctly. To learn more about our electrical services, please visit our website today!

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