When to hire an emergency furnace technician

Your furnace is an important part of your home appliances and systems. In the winter, it will do its best to heat your home and keep you and your family safe and warm. What happens when you have an issue with your furnace? Who can you call, especially if it’s after hours or on the weekend?

If you have an issue with your furnace and aren’t sure if you should call an emergency Omaha furnace service, we can help you out! There are a few things that you can watch out for to ensure that you and your family are staying safe and aren’t being exposed to any danger. 

Your furnace doesn’t turn on

One of the most important signs to watch out for that could mean you will need to hire an emergency Omaha furnace service is if it doesn’t turn on. This may seem like an obvious sign, but many homeowners may think that they can wait to call someone. If you have space heaters or a fireplace that will provide heat, you may want to wait until a weekday or until you are ready, but if your furnace doesn’t turn on, it could actually be damaging the furnace.

If it isn’t turning on, there could also be a problem with your gas line. You could have an air filter issue or a faulty pilot light and ignition sensor. These are pretty common reasons and aren’t super hard to fix, but you want to be sure that you get it looked at as soon as possible to ensure that there are not any additional problems to your unit. 

If you smell gas

There are a couple of different smells that could come from your furnace. A lot of times homeowners will report smelling a dusty or mildew scent when they first turn it on after a while. This is pretty normal and usually not something to worry about. It will most likely go away after you have been running your furnace for a while. 

If you begin smelling a scent that smells like rotten eggs or gas, you should be worried. This can indicate that there is a leak in your fuel line or it has come loose from the unit. It may only need a simple adjustment, but it is important that you immediately shut off the gas to your unit, so you don’t continue breathing it in. 

Another scent that you need to be aware of is formaldehyde or chemical smell. This could indicate a cracked heat exchanger, which means that gases from the furnace are mixing with the airflow. If you are smelling this while your furnace is on, you want to be sure to shut it off right away and evacuate your home. You then want to immediately call an emergency Omaha furnace service. These gases are also known as carbon monoxide fumes.

If you have run into any type of furnace problem, we can help! Whether it is the pilot light, a sensor, the gas line or any other problem, our experts are here to help. You never have to worry whether you or your family is in danger from a broken furnace. Keep in mind these tips and give us a call if you think that you need emergency services! We are available to you to help with all of your needs to make you feel safe in your home this winter!

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