What Is That Drip Costing You?

You have had a long day and are finally laying down in your nice, comfortable bed when you hear it: Drip, drip, drip, drip… Can you live with the noise? Do you need to hop out of bed and explore the entire home to find out where it is coming from? Do you think you will be able to sleep with that incessant annoyance? Drip, drip, drip, drip….

Not only can that drip drive you crazy from the noise, but it can also run your wallet dry and lead to much more insidious issues for your home!

How Do Drips Add Up?

It is estimated that a leaking faucet can waste anywhere from 10 to 20 gallons of water per day. That could add up to over 100 gallons a week of wasted water that you have to pay for!

These leaks can add up to larger water bills, lead to costly repairs when not addressed promptly, and damages your property over time.

What Unexpected Issues Can Drips Cause?

When your bathroom or kitchen sink’s faucet is dripping, it can actually lead to brown stains on the bottom of the sink’s bowl. This stain isn’t “dirt,” it is actually from the minerals and chemicals in the water (even if it is treated water).

Over time, if the drip is allowed to continue, the entire sink bowl can deteriorate and will need to be replaced.

What If The Drip Is Not From A Faucet?

If your drip is not occurring in a faucet, but from a pipe, either located in the walls or under the sinks, these drips can lead to water damage of the walls or floor.

When left untreated, these drips can lead to the potential replacement of vanities, tile, floors, the ceilings below, and more!

When Can These Drips Happen?

Drips can happen any time of the year, but are often more prevalent during season changes. Our Omaha plumbers and Dubuque plumbers have noticed an uptick in service calls, however, during colder weather more so than summer heat.

And It’s Not Just About The Money!

Drips are a gigantic waste of water. Water consumption is on the rise with the American population going up. Wasting water like this doesn’t just affect your household. Water conservation is a hot topic now and making strategic use of our natural resources is important for the global community.  

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