2/1/2023 3:13 PM

What Is Ductless Heating And Cooling?

When it comes to home heating and cooling systems, there are different options homeowners are able to choose from. The system that is best for you ultimately comes down to the climate you live in and your home’s needs. 

One heating and cooling system that offers a great number of benefits is ductless heating and cooling. However, ductless systems are not for everyone. 

At ServiceOne, our HVAC technicians understand the benefits that each heating and cooling system offers, and we can help you decide on the perfect system for your home. Below, we go over what ductless heating and cooling is and what homes this system is best suited for!

What is ductless heating and cooling?

A ductless heating pump or air conditioner usually consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit with an outdoor compressor. Most ductless heating and air units are used in rooms where your home’s HVAC system is not set up, such as new additions to homes. These units are similar to “window air conditioners” but require fewer holes in the wall, reducing the amount of air that leaks out. 

Usually, a ductless heating and air unit supplies air to a specific “zone” in your home. So rather than heating and cooling your entire home, a ductless air conditioner will provide comfort to specified areas. This allows you to customize your comfort.

What homes are ductless systems best suited for?

Since ductless heating and cooling systems supply air to specific zones, these systems tend to work best for homes that have rooms that get either too hot or too cold throughout the year. By installing a ductless heating system in a room that gets too cold during the winter, you can better regulate the temperature and stay comfortable. This includes spaces such as sunrooms, enclosed outdoor patios and even basements.

Another instance when ductless systems become useful is when you add on to your home. If you make any home additions or renovations that require new HVAC vents, installing a ductless heating system in that space is a great solution!

Benefits of ductless heating and cooling

There are a number of benefits of installing ductless heating and cooling in your home. Below, we discuss some of the main ones!

More comfortable air

Ductless heating and air units produce more controlled and comfortable air in rooms. By only producing air for a specific zone in your home, you will notice more adaptable and consistent temperatures.

Easy installation

Another advantage of ductless heating and cooling is that the installation process is much easier than a whole-home HVAC system. With easier installation comes cheaper installation costs! By choosing to install a ductless air conditioning unit, you will save money and have comfortable air faster, as it takes much less time to install. 

Energy efficient

Ductless heating and air is efficient heating and air. These systems have the ability to heat and cool rooms in your home at a fraction of the cost normal whole-home HVAC systems do, saving you more money in the long run.

Requires little maintenance

Another reason why you should consider installing ductless heating and cooling is that these systems require minimal maintenance. Traditional HVAC systems often require you to clean the ductwork and perform other tasks to keep the system functioning properly. For ductless systems, all that is needed is to replace filters and keep vents clean!

When it comes to heating and cooling systems, there are certain things to consider to find the right system for your home and needs. Keep this guide in mind when considering ductless heating systems for your home!

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