What Do UV Air Purifiers Actually Do?

According to the EPA, Americans spend almost 90 percent of their time indoors. As we all spend so much time inside, it only makes sense to ensure the air we breathe in our homes is as healthy as possible. Luckily, there are a variety of indoor home air quality products to help with this, including UV air purifiers. 

At ServiceOne, our team is dedicated to helping all homeowners improve their indoor air quality. We understand the importance of clean and healthy living, which is why we offer the air quality products that we do. Below, we give an overview of UV air purifiers and go over the benefits they offer. 

What do UV Air Purifiers do?

UV air purifiers are devices that help eliminate bad bacteria that are floating around in your home’s air. They are designed to use short-wave ultraviolet light to get rid of airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mold, dust, viruses and other air pollutants. 

Benefits of UV Air Purifiers

Reduced amount of allergens

Having quality air in your home also plays a huge role in staying healthy. Air quality products, such as UV Air Purifiers, can significantly reduce the allergens that circulate in your home. Spring and summer are notorious allergy seasons, but focusing on improving your home’s air quality can greatly reduce allergy symptoms. 

Reduced odors

Have you ever come home from work and had to ask yourself “what is that smell?” Poor air quality can lead to some pretty bad odors. Good air quality can help fight against and eliminate those lingering odors throughout your home.

Healthier living

Lastly, UV air purifiers help promote healthier living within your home. With the elimination of unhealthy bacteria and other allergens, you and your family will feel healthier and avoid getting sick. On top of that, better air quality has been linked to improved sleep quality. When the air quality in your home is good, your stress levels can decrease, which in turn helps you get better rest at night!

Get your UV air purifier through ServiceOne!

Don’t wait. Start improving your home’s air today with a UV Air Purifier from ServiceOne. We have recently started offering the brand new Patriot Carbon UV Air Purifier, which is 33% more effective than the previous model. The Patriot Carbon UV offers

  • Whole-house air purification 

  • Neutralizes odors and toxic VOCs 

  • Kills viruses, mold and bacteria 

  • Improves indoor air quality 

  • Inhibits HVAC mold growth

As the spring fastly approaches, now is a great time to install a UV air purifier in your home! If you have any questions regarding the UV air purifiers we offer or any of our indoor air quality products, give us a call!

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