Ways To Stay Energy Efficient This Winter

Daylight savings is over, cold temperatures are taking over; it’s safe to say that we are on the verge of another Midwest winter. This winter, homeowners across the country will be impacted by higher energy bills as a result of increased natural gas prices. Now although we can’t control the price of natural gas, there are things every homeowner can do to help manage their energy costs and improve their home’s energy efficiency. 

At ServiceOne, we keep energy efficiency in mind in everything we do. From electrical to plumbing, appliances and Omaha furnace service, we are here to help all of our customers save money where they can. Below, we highlight some ways you can stay energy efficient at home this winter!

Use your windows to your advantage

As the weather outside becomes colder, homeowners will soon be turning on their furnaces if they haven’t already. And although your home’s furnace will keep your home comfortable and warm throughout the winter months, there are also other things that will as well! Natural sunlight is one of them. 

During the day, it’s a great idea to open your windows to allow the sun to naturally heat your home! Sun coming into your home creates a greenhouse effect where the temperature of your home will naturally rise, minimizing the use of your furnace! When your furnace doesn't have to heat your home up, you save money!

Now, as windows allow for natural heat to come into your home, they can also act as a source of heat loss as well. This is why it’s important to close your blinds or curtains during the night or during cloudy days. 

Eliminate air leaks and drafts

To save money this winter, it’s important that all homeowners are doing what they can to eliminate warm air from leaking out of their homes. Cracks by windows and doors can create air leaks and drafts, which both allow warm air to exit your home and cold air to come in. 

Your windows and doors may not be the only areas where cold air is making its way into your home. Your home’s attic, fireplace and basement is also prone to cracking that causes air leaks in your home. To keep your home warm during the winter, be sure to get all cracks and drafts properly sealed and ensure that your home’s insulation is up to date and in good condition. 

Change your HVAC filter

Lastly, it’s important that homeowners are changing their HVAC filters before the winter months, and probably once more during this same time period. When your home’s HVAC filter becomes dirty, it causes your furnace to operate more often as air doesn’t flow as well and can become clogged. However, when you do regularly change your HVAC filter, you help ease the stress on your HVAC system, causing your furnace to not have to work as hard and ultimately reducing your home’s energy costs!

Although natural gas prices are set to rise for the third time in 2021, there are many ways in which homeowners can improve their energy use and reduce costs this winter. Use these tips to improve your home’s energy efficiency!

At ServiceOne, we understand the importance of a properly working HVAC system. That is why we offer Omaha furnace service, to ensure your home is comfortable throughout the year and to help save you money on your energy bills! To learn more about our HVAC products and Omaha furnace service, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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