Update: Water Softener Benefits

Have you ever noticed a decrease in water pressure when you shower? Or find water spots after you run a load through the dishwasher? You may be experiencing hard water in your home. 

Hard water can affect you and your home in many ways. However, there is a solution to this problem. A water softener might be what you need. ServiceOne specializes in water softener Omaha, and we are here to help. Learn about water softener Omaha and how these can be beneficial to your home. 

What Water Softeners Do

Water softeners are units that are used to remove minerals that cause the water to be “hard,” therefore “softening” the water. These systems are either salt-based or salt-free.

A salt-based system traditionally treats hard water by adding sodium to it, which reduces the buildup of calcium. These are normally only used to treat severe hard water cases

A salt-free system treats and removes hard water through magnetic or electrical currents. They are considered more environmentally friendly because they don’t require electricity. 

Why Water Softeners Are Needed 

Tap water around the world can end up containing lead or plastic easily, which can be quite harmful. On the other hand, tap water also contains a lot of minerals, such as magnesium, calcium and zinc, which usually cause no harm but can if large quantities are found in the water. 

When there is a large mineral buildup in your water, they can start to form chalk and limestone. It is important to treat this issue quickly, otherwise you may end up finding the buildup well outside your pipes. Hard water is known to clog pipes, complicate soap and detergent dissolving in water and leave behind water spots. 

Benefits of a Water Softener

Water softeners can benefit you, your family and home in many ways. By removing minerals like calcium and magnesium, you’ll find your water feeling and tasting much softer. More benefits include:

  • Cleaner and shinier dishware, mirrors, tiles 

  • Softer skin

  • Cleaner, smoother hair 

  • Uses less soap

  • Softer clothes

  • Fabrics last longer

  • Whites say whiter

  • More efficient plumbing system 

  • Better water pressure

  • Appliances work better

How to test for hard water 

When making the decision on whether to get a water softener or not, it is a smart idea to test your water and see how hard or how big of an issue it is. One way to test water hardness is by filling a container with water, adding dish soap then  shaking the container. Obviously, when you shake soap in water it causes suds. However, if your water is too “hard”, this wouldn’t be the case. You can also purchase hard water testing strips at any home improvement store. With these, you just place the strip under water and wait to see what color the strip turns to determine the level of hardness is in your water. 

How ServiceOne can help

If you’re in need of a water softener Omaha, ServiceOne can help! We replace, install and repair Hellenbrand water softeners like it’s our job; wait, it actually is our job! On top of that, we do routine maintenance, performance tune up and offer emergency water softener repairs! Contact us for any more questions regarding water softeners or visit our website to learn more about everything we do! 

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