Unraveling The Mystery Of Noisy Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing – the unsung hero of modern homes – usually does its work quietly in the background. However, every so often, homeowners may end up hearing some bangs and whistles coming from their pipes. If you've been startled by such noises, you're not alone. 

Plumbing issues can come out of nowhere. That is why, at ServiceOne, we offer plumbing repair Omaha service that you can trust. Let’s go over the mystery of noisy pipes, diving into the common culprits and, more importantly, their solutions.

Water hammer

Cause: The ominous-sounding "water hammer" is one of the most common sources of noisy plumbing. This noise occurs when water suddenly stops or changes direction, causing a loud thudding or banging sound. Imagine a running train suddenly halting – the water behaves similarly inside the pipe.

Solution: Installing water hammer arrestors or air chambers can absorb the shock wave created by the halted water, reducing the loud noise. If the problem persists, adjusting the water pressure in your home might be necessary.

Pipe expansion and contraction

Cause: As hot water heats pipes up or cold water cools them down, they expand or contract respectively. When they do this, they can rub against structural elements in your home, like studs or joists, producing a creaking or ticking sound.

Solution: Ensuring that pipes have room to expand and contract without obstruction is crucial. This might involve adjusting their positioning or adding protective insulation around them to minimize friction.

High water pressure

Cause: If your pipes are producing a consistent humming or whining sound, it could be due to water pressure that's too high for your plumbing system to handle. Over time, this can strain your pipes and fixtures, leading to potential damage.

Solution: Test your water pressure with a pressure gauge. If it's too high, installing a pressure-reducing valve can help bring it to a safe level.

Trapped air bubbles

Cause: Sometimes, air can become trapped in your pipes, causing a gurgling or bubbling noise as water pushes past these air pockets.

Solution: Turning on all the faucets in your home and allowing water to run can help push out the trapped air. If the issue is consistent, there may be a venting issue that needs professional attention.

Loose or damaged pipe fixtures

Cause: Loose pipe hangers or brackets can cause pipes to vibrate, leading to a rattling noise. The vibration itself can further loosen the fixtures, worsening the problem.

Solution: Regularly inspecting your pipes and ensuring they're securely fastened can prevent this issue. Replace any damaged or missing hangers or brackets.

When to call a professional?

Understanding the source of the noise is half the battle. While some issues, like trapped air bubbles, might be an easy DIY fix, others require professional attention. For instance:

  • If you suspect high water pressure but aren't sure how to measure or adjust it, it's time to call in a pro.

  • A persistent water hammer that doesn't get resolved with the installation of arrestors might indicate a more complex issue.

  • If you're hearing consistent noises but can't pinpoint the source, a professional can help diagnose and remedy the situation.

Remember, while some noises might just be a minor annoyance, others can be symptomatic of more significant problems that, if left unattended, could result in damage to your plumbing system.

Plumbing repair Omaha services

The quiet, consistent work of plumbing is something most homeowners take for granted until eerie groans and unsettling bangs disrupt the peace. Thankfully, with a bit of knowledge and proactive maintenance, you can keep your plumbing harmoniously humming in the background. When in doubt, our team at ServiceOne can provide you with the plumbing repair Omaha services you need, ensuring your pipes sing the sweetest, silent song of efficiency. Give our team a call today with all of your plumbing questions and concerns!

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