Troubleshooting washer issues

Technology is a main part in everyone’s life. Whether we’re using it to stay connected to love ones or to wash our clothes; and because technology isn’t perfect, it’s important to know when it needs to be repaired before you have to replace it.

One important appliance that all homeowners rely on is their washing machine. The last thing homeowners need is having do their laundry somewhere else because their washer was broke down. As a homeowner, it’s important to understand how to troubleshoot washer issues or know when it’s time to call an Omaha appliance repair service. This is key to keeping your washer working longer.

Water is leaking.

Have you ever walked into a puddle of water while doing laundry? If the water is coming from your washing machine, it could be a sign you have a clog somewhere. The first thing you should do is locate where the leak is coming from. Is it coming from the back or the front of the washer?

If the water is leaking from front of the washer, usually there is a clogged tube. The build-up of detergent is the source of the clogs. It’s recommend to use less detergent to avoid build up. However, if there is a leak coming from the back of the washer, it could be a hose problem. Check to make sure it is properly secured. If the leak doesn’t stop then contact the help of an Omaha appliance repair team.

Washer is making a weird noise.

Most washing machines these day make little to no noise when washing. So, if you start to hear a weird noise when you’re doing laundry there something happening. Hearing a clicking sound when the washer is in use means there is a foreign item in there. The best solution is to remove the item before it makes its way into the pump.

However, if you hear a humming sound coming from your washer, there could be a serious issue. An item might have made its way into the pump of your washer which means  a professional might have to replace your washing machine pump.

Washer smells.

A machine that is dedicated to make your clothes clean and smell fresh shouldn’t stink. The source of those smells is bacteria and mold. As disgusting as that sounds, it’s possible mold and mildew have started to grow inside your washing machine from detergent or frequent usage.

The best solution is to avoid using too much detergent. This will stop the buildup of suds inside the machine. Another solution is to run a load with hot water to dissolve any buildup.

The washer won’t finish a cycle.

If you’ve noticed your washers cycle never finishes when it’s suppose to, that’s a clear indicator you need to get a professional to replace the timer in you washer.

After trying these suggestions and there is still no solution, it’s time to contact an Omaha appliance repair service. At ServiceOne, we can help send one of our appliance repair specialists to get your washing machine working before you know it.


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