Top 4 Benefits Of A Home Warranty Or Service Agreement

You’ve worked a long time to provide a home for your family. You want to make sure everything is taken care of in your home, without breaking the bank! A home warranty or a service agreement might seem like an extra monthly expense to some, but what are the benefits to investing in a home warranty or service agreement to protect your home?

First, let’s cover the definition of a home warranty and a service agreement. A home warranty is basically an agreement to provide repairs or a possible replacement on the major equipment and systems in your home. When something covered by a home warranty breaks down, the homeowner calls for service to their home. A home warranty can cover electrical systems, plumbing systems, heating & cooling systems, washer & dryer, and kitchen appliances. Service agreements cover repairs, both parts and labor, on all your major appliances and systems in your home. While parts and labor are included, if the appliance fails and can no longer be repaired, it is the customer’s responsibility to replace the unit. Service agreements can cover items such as your gas/electrical heating/air system, your furnace’s humidifier, your washer and dryer, your refrigerator, your garbage disposal, or your dishwasher.

A Home Warranty Or Service Agreement Can Save You Money

Home ownership is full of hidden costs that some people don’t factor in when they’re buying their new home. With set “trip fees,” an unexpected repair won’t set you back hundreds of dollars or break your monthly budget.

A Home Warranty Or Service Agreement Gives You One Number To Call

With one of our ServiceOne home warranties or service plans, you call one number for help with your electrical, plumbing, HVAC, or appliances.

A Home Warranty Or Service Agreement Can Help You Sell Your Home

By providing peace of mind to the new potential owners, it can help your home seem more attractive to them (and their wallets!).

A Home Warranty Or Service Agreement Gives You Peace Of Mind

There is a reason for the age-old adage, “Better safe than sorry.” No one is going to have 100% luck (or even 100% confidence) with their home’s appliances, electrical, plumbing, or HVAC systems. It just doesn’t happen. Chances are, at some time in the future, you’re going to have your AC go out on a 90-degree day, or your furnace quit when it’s less than 20-degrees outside, or your freezer will give out right after you buy a month’s worth of groceries. These things happen. With a ServiceOne home warranty or service plan, you can rest assured that these circumstances (and any others that come up) can be handled by professionals.

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At ServiceOne, we’ve put together a comprehensive Home Warranty & Service Agreement program for our customers.  Are you a realtor and curious about how we can help your clients? Click here. Do you have a new construction home? We have home warranties for those, too. For more information about home warranties and service plan options, contact us today!

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