The Science Of Geothermal Energy

Energy efficiency and sustainability are trends that many homeowners are starting to prioritize in their homes. Climate change and increasing energy costs are what is driving many homeowners to discover new and improved ways to be more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Although there are many different approaches to creating a more efficient and sustainable home, one way that is becoming more and more popular throughout the country is switching to geothermal home energy. 

Now you might be wondering what exactly geothermal energy is. How is geothermal energy different from natural gas and other fossil fuels that we use to power our homes, cars and much more? Especially if you are not familiar with home energy, this topic can be confusing. 

At ServiceOne, we offer a variety of home services, including geothermal heating and cooling, to keep your home comfortable and your energy costs low. Our team of technicians understands the need for energy efficiency in your home, and are here to help. Below, we discuss what geothermal energy in a home is, why it’s beneficial and how it compares to traditional home heating and cooling. 

What is geothermal energy in a home?

Geothermal energy is a clean energy source that is powered by the earth itself. The power behind this process comes from a geothermal heat pump installed in-home. This kind of system can be installed to work with your home’s existing vents, A/C controllers and ducts. Essentially, a geothermal heating and cooling system uses energy from the ground beneath your home and transforms it into warm and cool air. 

The pipe system that connects to the geothermal pump is fairly straightforward. Its purpose is to circulate water to “coils” or “loops” deep underground where pockets of heat or cold sit. These pipe configurations can be one of many variants, including horizontal loop systems, vertical loop systems, slinky coil systems or systems made to operate in lakes or ponds. The water circulates underground, is heated or cooled depending on the season and then is pumped back up to the house where it either warms or cools the air in your home. 

Benefits of geothermal energy in a home

Switching to geothermal heating and cooling in your home offers a variety of benefits. Below, we go over some of the things that geothermal heating and cooling has to offer. 

Energy efficiency

The number one benefit of geothermal heating and cooling is the improved energy efficiency that comes with it. Since geothermal is a renewable energy source, it allows homeowners to save on their monthly energy costs, while also making a huge impact on our environment. This can save up to 50% electricity. 

Increases home value

Another benefit of switching to geothermal energy in a home is that it can help increase the value of your home. Home buyers today are looking for innovative ways to save money and reduce their carbon footprint, and geothermal energy systems are one of the best ways to accomplish this, making your home stand out if you would ever sell. 

Long term investment

Lasty, geothermal energy systems are a great long term investment. Although they come with higher costs upfront, in the long run, you will end up saving money. While traditional HVAC systems depreciate over time, geothermal systems pay for themselves. 

Geothermal energy is the home energy source of the future. If you are tired of paying high amounts of money on your energy bills, or want to utilize “cleaner” energy in your home, be sure to consider geothermal heating and cooling. 

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