The Most Romantic Appliances To Get Your Significant Other For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Valentine’s day is a day of love. This lovey dovey holiday consists of chocolates, flowers, candies, cards, dinner dates and gifts, usually all in the form of romance. But what may be “romantic” to some may not be the same to others. Have you begun thinking about what gifts you are getting your significant other this year?

Valentine’s day seems to bring the same group of gifts every year. A box of chocolates, gorgeous jewelry, oversized teddy bears, bouquets of flowers are some of the more common gifts bought. On top of that, many also choose to get fragrances, lotions, clothes and more meaningful gifts such as heartfelt letters. But why choose ordinary gifts? Why not get creative and get your significant other something they wouldn’t expect? 

At ServiceOne, we know the perfect gift ideas for you! Who doesn’t love new home appliances?!

The most romantic appliances to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day

Now before you check out of this article, just hear us out. A box of chocolates only lasts so long, but a new appliance for your home can last for many years!

Washer and dryer

A washer and dryer might not be the most romantic thing you can think of, but it will surely get a smile out of your significant other! Picture this: You get home from work next Monday. You yell “Honey, I have a gift for you”. Your significant other runs downstairs and sees a brand new washer and dryer set sitting in your living room. The washing machine has some flowers sitting on top. You open up the dryer door and there’s a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine. You then run and grab your dirty laundry, put on a movie, and wa-lah, you have the perfect date night (while also getting your weekly laundry done)! 


Stay with us now. We know that a dishwasher might not be everyone's first Valentine’s gift choice. But who doesn’t enjoy super clean dishes! After the amazing homemade romantic dinner you have next Monday, a new dishwasher is the only thing you need to make your night even better (and your dishes even cleaner)!


Does your significant other enjoy baking desserts? Well, we have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for you! With a new oven, your significant other can start baking more delicious snacks while also improving your home’s energy efficiency! That’s money saved going right back into your wallet, and many tasty desserts going right into your mouth! Pair it with a new heart-shaped baking sheet or cake pan to really put a romantic flair on it. 

Obviously, home appliances aren’t a great Valentine’s Day gift, but that doesn't mean that they aren’t a good gift overall. If your home appliances are getting old, buying new ones can end up saving you a lot of money on future repairs as well as save you money on your energy bills, and ultimately increase your home’s energy efficiency! All things considered, nothing says “I love you” like providing a comfortable home for your loved ones all year round. 

At ServiceOne, we perform appliance repair services, and can also install and perform maintenance on all main brands of home appliances. Visit our appliance page or give us a call today to learn more! 

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