The Best Ways to Sanitize Your Appliances

With so many COVID-19 headlines, we’re all taking a long, hard look at household hygiene practices. Terms like ‘hygienically clean’ have been around for so long that we've forgotten the differences between cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing. Since homeowners are touching surfaces of all appliances Omaha every day, it's important to keep them clean and germ-free. Here are the best ways to sanitize your household appliances!

How to prevent the growth of viruses on household appliances

It’s essential for homeowners to clean their appliances regularly to ensure this bacteria does not build up. Using soaps and detergents when you clean will help loosen and remove any bacteria that have built up on all appliances Omaha. 

How to disinfect household appliances

Disinfecting your appliances eliminates up to 99 percent of dangerous pathogens. In medical practices, the remaining one percent can make a big difference, but sterilization involves dangerous chemicals, heat treatments, or high-pressure processes that can damage your appliances. Therefore, we do not recommend sterilizing your household appliances but use disinfectants when cleaning.

How to stay protected

* Prepare a solution of lukewarm water and a gentle household detergent.

* Wet a soft or microfiber cloth and wring out thoroughly.

* Wipe surfaces regularly to prevent buildup.

* Like regular handwashing, soap and water will remove a significant proportion of microbes on household surfaces.

* If you prefer a disinfecting detergent, be sure to check the label to see if it can be used on appliances.

* Diluted chlorine bleach is usually safe if you stick to the recommended dilution instructions.

* You can get a lovely gloss on stainless steel finishes by giving it a final wipe with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth. Remember not to use overuse alcohol on rubber components. 

Other ways to keep your home germ-free

While regularly cleaning your home appliances is smart, there are also some other things homeowners can do to ensure a germ-free home

  • Disinfect your countertops regularly

  • Change your dish towels daily

  • Make sure your cooking supplies are properly sanitized

  • Wipe down all other commonly touched surfaces regularly

During a time like this, it’s especially important to stay on top of your home cleaning. The good thing is that there are many precautions and steps that homeowners can take to ensure their home is healthy and germ-free. All appliances Omaha should be cared for and cleaned each day. 

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