11/1/2017 12:00 PM

The Benefits Of Whole-Home Humidifiers For Midwestern Winters

It’s cold out and you’ve flipped on the furnace. But now your family’s suffering from dry skin, sinus congestion or headaches, dry throat, nose irritation, bloody noses, irritated vocal chords, persistent coughs, or cracked lips. What is the solution for your home?

In the winter, in addition to the air being drier, we also switch on our furnaces, which makes the normally dry air so much drier. Furnaces dehumidify the air in order to warm it up. When the air is dry, furniture can dry out and/or crack. Your floors and wood furniture can also be affecting by dry air! Your skin can become dry and irritated, lips can get chapped, you can feel like you’re thirsty all the time, or you may even have respiratory issues. In addition, the lower levels of humidity in your home can foster viruses and bacteria, which is one reason why the colder months are known as cold and flu season.

Not using your furnace isn’t an option in the Midwest at all. Since this isn’t an option, it is important to know why a whole-home humidifier is a necessity in the Midwest. Most people are more familiar with a smaller portable humidifier. These are ones that can be used in any room in the home, and just need some water added to them. However, a whole-home humidifier is much more complicated than that. A whole-home humidifier installs directly into the home’s current cooling and heating unit. It introduces the humidity in the form of water vapor- this goes through your duct system. The level of humidity is controlled through your current thermostat. When you add a whole-humidifier it provides many benefits.

Before installing a whole-home humidifier onto your current system, make sure all needed updates have been done. It is important to always have regular maintenance done on the current system! The benefits range of having a whole-home humidifier can help your health to your wallet!

It is convenient to have a whole-home humidifier. This is because it connects to your current system and works with your thermostat. You won’t need to worry about making sure it is filled or transporting it between different rooms in the house. You also won’t have to buy several ones if the children need one in their room.

A portable humidifier needs to be cleaned often, especially if your water has a lot of calcium in it. While on the other hand, a whole-home humidifier needs to be checked and cleaned once or twice a year. This means less maintenance needs to be done and less worrying.

It is good for you! The dry winter air and warm air coming from your furnace can have a lot of effects on everyone in your home! It can help a number of different health problems like asthma, allergies, dry-skin, sinuses, and more issues. The extremely dry air can make your current health issues a large problem in the winter months. It is important to keep you and your family safe at all times when it comes to health.

It can also protect your wood floor and furniture and leather furniture. The dried the air the more the leather will crack; however, if there is too much moisture in the air the wood will absorb it. This will cause for it to be ruined over time. A whole-home humidifier can detect when there is enough moisture in the air and does not need to be one. A portable one will just run until you need to fill it again.

These are a few benefits of why a whole-home humidifier is a need in all homes and especially in the Midwestern winters. At Service One, we do all maintenance on your current heating and cooling units and can install a whole-home humidifier to the current system. Curious about having a humidifier installed? Call our expert Dave K. at 402-597-2168 today.

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