Spring Landscaping Tips

Warmer weather has finally started making its way in to stay, which only means one thing; spring is here! Now is the perfect time to work on your home’s landscaping, especially during a time when we are all advised to stay home. There are many tasks homeowners can be doing to stay busy and improve the looks of their lawns and gardens. Here are some simple landscaping tips to help get you started! 

Trees and Shrubs

Most yards and lawns have some trees or shrubs, and these often attract people's eyes to different areas of your yard. So, one of the first things homeowners should think about when working on their landscaping is to inspect their trees, bushes and shrubs. These are great additions to your yard that can also be used as natural privacy. When inspecting these plants, be sure to remove all dead branches. This will help make your plants look more alive! And while you’re at it, you might as well trim all overgrowth to maintain an attractive look. Pruning your trees and shrubs also encourages healthy regrowth!  

Fertilize your Lawn

Another simple thing you can do to jumpstart your lawn is fertilizing! Fertilizing your lawn will help make your grass look green and improve the quality of your soil. Although this seems like a quick task, homeowners should consider a couple of things before starting. First, it’s smart to evaluate the soil in your yard, and which nutrients will work best. Then you should determine how much fertilizer you will need, as well as which one to use. Once, that is all figured out, you are ready to fertilize your lawn. Also, don’t forget to fertilize trees and shrubs as well! 

Prepare your gardens

Another task all homeowners should do during the spring is prepare and start their gardens! When doing this, first make sure to remove all leaves, dead plants and debris that the winter may have caused. Once that’s all cleared, you can move onto preparing the soil of your garden, as well as start planting new plants! When doing this, many homeowners use weed fabric to keep weeds out of their flower beds. As this is a good way to keep rocks and mulch from sinking into your soil, it only takes a little while for weeds to start growing on top of the fabric

Add Mulch

One way homeowners can make their home’s landscaping stand out is by adding mulch to their flower beds and around other plants! On top of creating aesthetically pleasing garden beds, mulch also acts as a protectant to your plants and soil! Homeowners who use mulch should be remulching every spring! 

Prepare your mower

Lastly, another essential task all homeowners should do is prepare their mowers which have been unused since last winter. It’s smart to start your mower up to ensure it still works efficiently. Spring is also a great time to sharpen to blades of your mower, as well as determining and setting your mowing height

As we all sit at home during the coronavirus quarantine, now is the perfect time to give your lawn the care it needs! These simple landscaping tips will make your yard stand out across the neighborhood!

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