Signs your refrigerator needs to be repaired

As a homeowner, dealing with broken appliances Omaha is something everyone dreads. Not only is dealing with a broken dishwasher, microwave or dryer inconvenient, but what do you do with your food if the refrigerator stops working?

Homeowners rely a lot on their fridge to keep their food frozen or cold and to save their leftover food for tomorrow's meal. But, what if you don’t know your refrigerator is about to break down?

There are some warning signs every homeowner needs to be aware of! Don’t be left without a working refrigerator, learn the warning signs and be prepared for what lies around the corner!

Look for signs of poor temperature control

Knowing if your food is being kept at a safe temperature can be deceiving. Don’t think that your fridge is working properly because it’s cold to the touch. When it comes to your appliances Omaha there’s more to it than that.

Your food needs to be kept at a certain temperature to ensure that it can last for days or weeks at a time. Without a regulated temperature, food will begin to spoil at a rapid pace and waste money you spent on groceries.

To ensure that your fridge is staying at a regulated temperature of 40 degrees, use a thermometer! It’s the best way to get an accurate reading on the temperature of your food. Meanwhile, a freezer needs to be kept at 0 degrees to store frozen food for an extended period of time.  

Listen for weird noises!

Hearing a hum or buzz from your fridge isn’t cause for alarm. In most cases, the noise is a sign that your fridge is working properly. However, if your fridge is making a tapping or any other sounds you might have a problem.

Although, it may be nothing serious, if your motor blower is broken you could have a burnt out fridge for good! In other words, if you hear an odd noise coming from your fridge you need to consult with a professional for repairs.

Watch out for puddles!

If you see puddles around your fridge, you might have a blocked or broken condensate drain! Fortunately for you, this part of the fridge is fairly simple to replace and won’t cost you a lot of money!

However, don’t let this problem go on too long because a cracked condensate drain can lead to other problems in your fridge. For example, your ice maker and water dispenser could stop working.

Sniff out bad smells!

A bad smell isn’t just the possibility of rotten food, it could also be mold growing inside your fridge! The best way to tell if you have mold growing in your fridge is by cleaning the fridge and looking for moldy areas in your drawers and shelving inside.

If the smell doesn’t go away afterwards, it’s time to call a professional for repairs on your appliances Omaha!

At the end of the day, a broken refrigerator doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. All you have to do is watch for these signs and give the proper professionals a call!


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