ServiceOne electrical how-to: resetting your circuit breaker

Last week, we chatted about replacing your air filter. The week before, we tackled cleaning out your air conditioner condenser coils. We’re continuing our how-to video series this week – how you can tackle resetting your circuit breaker.

When might you need to reset your circuit breaker?

There are different times you may wonder if your circuit breaker box is the culprit when it comes to the power not working in your home. For example, if you have an outlet or a light switch that stops working.

If you suspect a breaker issue, what should you check?

If an outlet, switch, or appliance stops working, one of the first things you can check is the circuit breaker box.

Before you go to your circuit breaker box, make sure the power to the outlet, switch or appliance, that isn’t working is OFF.. For example, if your AC isn’t working, make sure you turn your AC to OFF on the thermostat.

Go to your breaker panel. Often times, this is located in your basement or in a utility room on the main floor of your home.

Hopefully, your breakers are labeled for the areas of the home or the major appliances that they connect to.

When you look at the toggles on the breakers, if one of them has “tripped,” you’ll see that it’s not going in the same direction as the other toggles.  

Some newer circuit breaker boxes have breakers with a little indicator window that tells you when the breaker has been tripped.

Ready to reset your breaker?

Watch the video below to see how residential electrical services experts recommend resetting your circuit breaker!

Warning: If your switch doesn’t stay in the on position, this can indicate a serious wiring problem. Contact one of our electricians for service immediately.



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