10/25/2017 6:00 AM

Preparing Your Home’s Plumbing For Colder Weather

The winter months are soon upon us in the Midwest region. It is important to make sure all aspects of your home are ready for the winter months. This includes inside, outside, and underneath it all, like your plumbing.

How Can You Get Your Home’s Plumbing System Ready For Winter?

Maintenance: The most important aspect to any plumbing system is to get regular maintenance. This could be something many homeowners overlook, but it is important because your plumbing system can cause a number of problems. This leads to money going right down the drain!

Fix Leaks Now: If you or a family members notices a pipe is leaking, fix it now! The cold weather could cause the leak to burst the pipe. It is important to always call a trained professional. We highly advise for people to not do this by themselves.

Prevent Frozen Pipes: When the weather gets to the point water freezes, it can cause pipes to rupture. If your pipes are not properly taken care of they typically freeze when it is 20 degrees or colder outside. State Farm Insurance states that the average burst pipes in your home can cost up to $15,000 in damage and repairs. Furthermore, water damage can cause $5,000-7,000 in damage and repairs.

How Can You Tell If Your Pipes Are Frozen Or Are Starting To Freeze?

If There Is Frost On The Pipes: This can serve as a warning sign your pipes are frozen.

If There Is A Lack Of Water: When you start your water and nothing comes out or a very small amount, this can mean your pipes are frozen as well.

If There Is A Strange Smell: This smell can let you know if your pipes are backed up from lack of water.

How Can You Keep Your Pipes From Freezing?

  • Turn off your outside spigots.
  • Leave your faucet dripping a small amount of water.
  • It is important to bring in a trained professional to come cover your pipes in your basement, or in other areas that heat typically does not reach.
  • Keep your heat turned up.

Even before pipes freeze, it is important to know when to call a professional for help. These are some warning signs you need your plumbing fixed or checked.

Is There Anything Else I Can Do To Prevent Frozen Pipes?

Use Heating Tape: This is something that’s affordable and available for everyone to purchase. There are two different kinds of heating tape. The first type of tape turns on and off by itself with sensors. The second kind needs to be plugged into an outlet at all times. These are similar to a space heater, in the sense that, you need to be cautious when using these items.

Keep Your Interior Doors Open: While it seems like a waste to keep the basement door open, it will allow for heat to keep it warmer. Furthermore, keep the cabinet underneath your sink in the kitchen and bathroom open as well. However, make sure to remove all harmful products out of reach from children. Both of these options are simple and do not cost anything extra.

It is important to keep your house safe during the winter time. At Service One, we offer services from home warranties to HVAC to electrical to geothermal. For over 25 years, we have taken pride in helping our customers get the best service as possible. If you find a problem with your plumbing at all, call us for troubleshooting.

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