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Preparing For Baby : With A Ductless Split

One of our Dubuque HVAC professionals recently had a baby girl, and in addition to the usual tasks (painting the nursery, getting new furniture, and getting the clothes ready for their new bundle of joy), the family opted to also install a ductless split HVAC system.

Why Did They Decide On A Ductless Split System For A Nursery?

Like all of our residential zoned temperature control solutions, ductless split systems work well to keep various sections of your home at different temperatures. Why does this work so well for a nursery? Since babies don’t do well with extreme temperatures or fluctuations, you can keep the baby’s room at a steady temperature while letting the rest of the house fluctuate to fit the rest of the family’s comfort level.

In addition to being able to control the temperature more easily than a traditional HVAC unit, the Kubik family also fell in love with the idea of the ductless split system being whisper quiet. Let’s face it, babies don’t always sleep perfectly through the night. By reducing the noise in the room, you can take away one more stressor that may make it harder for baby to fall or stay asleep.

Two additional reasons they opted for the ductless split system in the nursery were the efficiency of the unit and the fact that the unit has its own filter, which increases the air quality of the nursery. Because the ductless split system unit is only responsible for the nursery, it makes it very efficient to heat/cool that room to the appropriate temperature to keep the baby comfortable. And with its own air filter in the unit, the air quality is also increased, which helps with the baby’s breathing.

What Other Types Of Homes Can Benefit From Zoned Comfort Control?

  • Homes with more than one floor
  • Homes with large, open areas (lofts, atria, vaulted ceilings, etc.)
  • Homes with finished basements
  • Homes with rooms that traditionally get blocked off or unused in the winter or summer because of temperature variances
  • Homes containing rooms with large windows
  • Homes where families may tend to fight over the thermostat or fight over the temperature of the home
  • Homes that may be getting listed for sale soon and need their resale value increased

Are You Thinking About Residential Zones Temperature Control For Your Home?

Check out this video from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating -

Great job on the nursery and congratulations on your new bundle of joy, Kubik family!


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