Plumbing myths

Plumbers want homeowners to understand that not everything you hear about plumbing is correct — other than calling the plumber when the going gets tough. You probably grew up hearing all sorts of myths about plumbing that have stuck with you all the way through adulthood. Now that you have a house of your own, it’s important to know what the best options are to keep your home’s plumbing working and safe.

So much is spent to keep your homes plumbing running smoothly. Contact a plumber to ensure that your home’s plumbing problem is solved correctly. Omaha plumbers have the skills and years of experience to solve all kinds of problems. They will take the time to explain the problem and walk you through the solution. Instead of Googling for solutions, use these myths to help know when to call some of the best Omaha plumbers.

Hot water will unclog your pipes.

One of the greatest myths told by the internet and know-it-all relatives is dumping grease in sinks is safe as long as it gets drained with hot water. First of all pouring grease down a sink is never a great idea.  Any grease that makes it down your home’s pipes can cause severe damage. The grease will thicken when it cools down causing it to lump up and block the drainage. Leaving you with backed up pipes and bad odors. Not only will it damage your pipes but also the watering system. Watering systems struggle at cleaning water that has grease build up. Keep this information in mind next time you even think about dumping grease down your sink.

Cleaning your drains is safe.

When a plumber hears “I’ll just clean my drain,” you can see them physically shudder. It’s not safe to be cleaning your drains, especially with home cleaners. Drain cleaners that are sold in stores are not the safest options. They have high amounts of chemicals that will burn and damage your pipes. That little DIY drain cleaner will end up costing you a whole new plumbing system. Not only are they a hazard to your pipes but also the environment. If the chemicals make it into the environment, they can poison animals and wildlife. The chemicals will make their way into the water sources and be toxic for nature.

Drops of water don't matter.

Every once in a while we will notice that the bathroom sinks will start to drip more and more. One of the biggest misconceptions is that dripping water does not mean anything, that the drops are just a sign of a working plumbing system. In reality, this dripping is a significant indicator that there is a problem with your plumbing. Plus, the water dripping from your faucets will take a toll on your water bill. It’s important to have these faucets fixed by a plumber. Those drop of water will accumulate 2,082 gallons in just one year!  

Copper pipes lead to freezing pipes.

The debate of whether plastic pipes are better than copper pipes is a non-stop battle. One huge myth is that if you have copper pipes, you are more likely to have frozen pipes during the winter. The material of your pipes doesn’t determine whether or not your pipes will be frozen. Both plastic and copper pipes are prone to freezing in cold weather if they aren’t insulted for the winter. Plumbers recommend that your pipes are properly insulated especially in non-climate controlled areas like the outside or basements. The last thing you want is for your pipes to burst in the middle of winter. If you do happen to have frozen pipes make sure to contact a plumber to find the safest way to unfreeze them.


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