8/9/2017 6:00 AM

Plumbing Issues In The Summer Heat

Contrary to popular belief not all of your plumbing problems come during the cold, winter months, but the summer plumbing issues are among the most severe. This may come as a shock to homeowners that have yet to experience these issues and summer plumbing issues are one of a kind.

Here are the top plumbing issues you could see during the summer months:

  • The dreaded sprinkler leaks
    Summer is the season of bright green grass and blooming flowers. Residents use sprinkler systems to manicure their lawn for the curb appeal, but what happens when you don’t use that system for months? Not using your sprinkler system can cause wear and tear on the equipment and you might not notice that it’s leaking until you have received the monthly water bill. To prevent this, make sure you clean your sprinkler system before you use it.
  • Increased toilet and bathroom usage
    Summer means the kids are home more than usual and the toilet is getting more use than it is used to. Since the toilet is getting flushed more, the system might need to be maintained more. Talk to your kids about their toilet paper use and what they aren’t allowed to flush down the toilet (you never know with kids). Being aware now can prevent problems down the road.
  • Abuse of the garbage disposal
    During the summer, the kids are eating most of their meals at home and it’s grilling season, so the garbage disposal is working overtime to dispose of your food. To avoid a garbage disposal disaster, limit the things that you toss down the disposal. Dont dispose of things like hard fruits, corn cobs, fibrous vegetables and starchy foods that can soak up water and clog the pipes. If you have guests over, have them avoid using the disposal all together.
  • Sewer clogs
    For some areas, spring and summer can bring a good amount of rain, which means sewer lines are working harder. Tree roots can grow into sewer lines over the spring due to all this excess rain. If you think this could be an issue for you, call a professional to come check your home's sewer lines.
  • Leaks in your outdoor faucets
    Some leaks go undetected until you go to use your outdoor faucet for the first time during the summer. Once summer hits, turn all outdoor faucets to check for leaks in your home. Better to check before you use your faucets to fill your pool or water your plants.
  • Washing machine overload
    The kids are home for the summer and since it’s hot, they are probably changing their clothes more - not to mention all the towel loads from pooltime! This can put a strain on your washer. It is best to stay at home when you are doing large loads of laundry just in case something were to go wrong. Moving the washer a little further away from the wall can also prevent the hoses from kinking.


Think you might be having any of these issues or just want to take preventative measures? Contact us and our ServiceOne experts would love to help you out!

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