9/6/2017 12:00 PM

Performing General Maintenance On Your Humidifier

When it comes to general maintenance on anything in our homes, most of us are clueless, but here at ServiceOne we are going to break down how to go about the general maintenance of your home’s humidifier and the basic operations of the humidifier.

First things first, what do humidifiers actually do

  • Home humidifiers better your health.
    Many viruses thrive in environments that have low humidity, therefore causing you to get sick more often. Having a humidifier can prevent you from being susceptible to these types of airborne illnesses.
  • Home humidifiers make your home comfortable.
    Overly dry air can make your home very uncomfortable especially to those who have asthma or allergies. This can cause dry and scratchy throats and noses.
  • Home humidifiers preserve your home’s furnishings and belongings.
    Dry air can damage many things in your home such as wood floors, paint, furniture and electronics.
  • Home humidifiers add energy efficiency.
    Turning up your thermostat in your home will not necessarily make you warmer. Adding  a humidifier can make not only your home warmer but you yourself warmer and not to mention lowers your heating bill.

Once your humidifier is installed, here’s how to conduct general maintenance on your home humidifier:

  1. Check to see where the water valve on the water line is in your home. This can vary from house to house, but is generally in the same area.
  2. Scope out where the air damper is on your humidifier. Like the water valve, it varies from house to house.
  3. Inside the main part of the humidifier, there is a pad. This is what needs to be changed every year. To change the pad, pull the water line off of the top of the pad, remove the trough at the top of the pad, take off the brackets around the pad,  slide the pad out and slide the new one in.
  4. You will notice a difference between the new pad and the old pads. The old pad will have hard water build up, which discolors the pad.
  5. There is a painted black line on the pad, the signifies the top of the pad and should be slid into the brackets with the painted line up.
  6. Snap the trough back onto the top of the pad, reattach the water line and slid it back into the humidifier just like you slid it out.
  7. To check to see if the humidifier is working properly, turn on the furnace and the humidifier to the highest setting to see if there is water running into the bottom.


If you have any further questions about the maintenance of your humidifier or any other appliances around your home, please contact us and we would love to help you out.

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