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2023 is here! As we move through this new year, there are many different tasks and dates to keep in mind for your home! From home warranty renewals to seasonal maintenance, being vigilant of these important dates and tasks will help you keep your home systems up to date and working properly all year!

At ServiceOne, our team is here to help keep your home and home systems safe and working properly all year long. As we progress through 2023, there are some important things to keep in mind regarding your home warranty and maintenance. 

Home Warranty Renewal

Are you planning on renewing your home warranty this year? As many home warranty plans operate on an annual basis, you’ll need to know when your home warranty expires and determine if you are wanting to renew it for another year. If you are unsure of when your home warranty expires, contact our team

*Please note we only provide Home Warranty services at our Omaha location*

HVAC Inspections

Another thing to keep in mind as we progress through 2023 is maintenance on your HVAC system. Throughout the year, inspections and maintenance are key to ensuring your HVAC system is working properly all year long. Keep in mind that the best time to schedule inspections is early in the season before the peak temperatures. You’re more likely to stay comfortable, and you’ll have more scheduling options. 


During the spring months before the summer heat arrives, it’s essential that homeowners schedule an inspection on their air conditioner. By inspecting both the indoor and outdoor units, as well as air vents, you will reduce the risk of damage by ensuring your air conditioning is working as it should. 


As for the fall, it’s essential that homeowners schedule an inspection on their furnace before the cold winter weather arrives. By inspecting your furnace before turning it on, you can protect your home from carbon monoxide, improve performance and save money!

Tax Date for Deciding Home Improvements

With the introduction of the Inflation Reduction Act in 2023, homeowners all over the country will be able to receive tax deductions and rebates when making energy-efficient home improvements. These improvements include upgrading your home’s systems, such as HVAC equipment, water heaters and heat pumps, to new energy-efficient appliances. As we move through the year, keep these rebates in mind if you are interested in upgrading your home’s appliances! Be sure to remember that any deductions or rebates will be issued when you file taxes for 2023. 


This is not tax advice, please talk to a professional tax advisor when making decisions that will impact your taxes. Detail finalization is dependent on the Federal and State Governments, information is subject to change. 

Home Maintenance

Lastly, as we progress through 2023, keep seasonal home maintenance in mind! From spring cleaning and maintenance after the winter months to preparing your home for winter during the fall, it’s important that you are getting the things you need done to ensure your home and home systems stay safe and working properly all year!

Our team at ServiceOne is here to help you whenever you encounter a problem with any of your home’s systems or appliances. On top of that, we are more than happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding home maintenance, the Inflation Reduction Act or anything else regarding your home systems.

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