Myths About Ductless AC

When it comes to your home’s heating and cooling needs, there are a few options to choose from; one being ductless air conditioning systems! However, there are many misconceptions about ductless cooling systems that can keep customers from getting the correct system for their AC needs. 

At ServiceOne, we specialize in all things HVAC, including ductless air conditioning installation near me, and understand the benefits that these systems can offer. Below, we go over three myths about ductless AC, so you can make the best decision for your home. 

What is Ductless AC?

A ductless heating pump or air conditioner usually consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit with an outdoor compressor. Most ductless heating and air units are used in rooms where your home’s HVAC system doesn’t, such as newly added rooms, attics, or sunrooms. These units are somewhat comparable to window air conditioners but require fewer holes in the wall, reducing the amount of air that leaks out. They are also more energy efficient and better designed.

Usually, a ductless heating and air unit supplies air to a specific “zone” in your home. So rather than heating and cooling your entire home, a ductless air conditioner will provide comfort to specified areas. This allows you to customize your comfort.

Myths about Ductless Air Conditioning

Because ductless units are still relatively new to the Midwest, there are some points that often need clarification. Here are three common myths about ductless AC

Not affordable

A big reason why homeowners don’t install ductless heating and air systems in their homes is because they think it’s too expensive. However, these systems are actually pretty affordable. Although installation costs can be a little high, these costs are easily made up through energy savings. One of the biggest benefits of ductless ac is the low energy costs that come with it. Ductless AC systems are very energy efficient, which not only benefits the environment, but your wallet as well. You can calculate how much you can save here. Additionally, ServiceOne offers several financing options, so that each customer has the freedom to choose the AC that works best for them. 

Provide uneven cooling

Another misconception with ductless cooling systems that they provide uneven cooling. Although ductless systems are only meant to cool a certain space, they do indeed provide consistent air, and are a great addition to homes that experience uneven cooling! This is why many older homes, whose HVAC systems may be older and spotty, utilize ductless; to bring consistent airflow in rooms where they need it most!

Are only for newly built homes

Lastly, many people think that ductless cooling systems are only meant for new homes or new construction. However, ductless systems can be installed in any home, and are even more beneficial when installed in older homes!

When it comes to ductless AC systems, there are many great benefits that come with it. Although the upfront price can be a little bit expensive, at ServiceOne, we offer flexible financing options to help every homeowner. If you are considering ductless air conditioning installation near me, ServiceOne is located in the Omaha, NE and Dubuque, IA metros. If you would like to learn more, contact our team today!

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