12/5/2018 1:24 PM

How to protect your packages

It’s the time of year for endless packages to be delivered to your doorstep. Shopping online has made it easier for working people to shop through the convince of their phones.  On average 79 percent of Americans buy online. That is a whole lot of shopping!

Online shopping gives individuals the convenience of having their items shipped to their home in as little as two business days. However, this convenience comes with a drawback. If you happen to be away when your packages get delivered, you could risk the packages getting stolen.

This holiday season don’t fall victim and learn about package theft solutions. Most Americans have stated that they know someone who has had their packages taken. And 30 percent of Americans have gotten their packages stolen. It’s better to be prepared and ready for the unexpected. Here are five package theft solutions you can try to keep your packages safe in the future.

Install a security system.

One way to ensure your packages are safe is by installing a security system. It’s recommended to get a security system that offers security camera surveillance. Having a video monitoring option is convenient because you will be able to see when a package is being delivered. You can also monitor to ensure it's still on your front porch when you get home. Some security systems also offer doorbell camera with two-way voice chat that can be monitored through a mobile application.

Upgrade to a new mailbox.

Accessible and broken down mailboxes are easy targets for thieves to get into and steal your mail. If your packages are small enough to fit into a mailbox, it might be time to upgrade. There are mailboxes designed to only allow things in. These mailboxes will only open with a proper key. Making the switch to one of these mailboxes will secure your mail.

Get to know the delivery people.

For those who are not so tech savvy, you can get to know your delivery carriers. This is an easy and effective way to let them know where to place your packages if you are not home. You can ask them to set your packages away from plain sight. And if they happen to see strange activity, they can leave you an attempted delivery instead of leaving your packages in the open.

Ask your neighbors.

If you don't have the chance to chat with the carriers, you can always tell a neighbor that you are waiting on a package. This is one of the easiest package theft solutions. Neighbors can keep an eye out for your packages safety. Or, if you have a great relationship with them, you can ask them to pick up your package and store it until your return. Working together with neighbors will keep your whole neighborhood from becoming easy targets to thieves.

Pick up in person.

A new option that is becoming more available in areas is being able to pick up your packages in person. Most major mail carriers you give the opportunity to go into a local location and pick it up on your convenience. FedEx and UPS provide you with the option to pick up in any of their local locations. This way you can get off work and make a quick pick.


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